U.S. Coronavirus Cases Are Still Rising in 21 States as Deaths Surpass 1 Million Worldwide

Coronavirus infections continue to spread throughout the U.S., with 21 states seeing an increase in cases as the worldwide death toll now tops 1 million.

According to a tracking map from The New York Times, among the 21 states that saw a rise in cases over the past week are Wisconsin, which reported over 15,000; South Carolina, with over 8,000; and Alabama, with more than 7,000.

The other states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Iowa, Montana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Tennessee, Minnesota, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Illinois. The Times tracker shows that these states have seen a higher daily average, of at least 15 new cases per capita, over the past seven days.

The Times tracker also shows at least 22 other states have seen a steady decrease in cases. They are Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, West Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island, Virginia, Michigan, California, Ohio, Maryland, Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Washington, D.C., has also had a steady decline in cases.

According to a Johns Hopkins University tracker, there are over 7.1 million confirmed U.S. cases of the virus, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19. There are also at least 205,091 confirmed deaths in the nation.

Coronavirus in U.S.
Diners eat outdoors on a sidewalk near Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on September 28. Twenty-two states have seen a steady decrease in coronavirus cases, including New York. Angela Weiss/Getty

The tracker also reported that the global death toll recently surpassed 1 million.

The U.S. remains the country with the most confirmed cases of the virus as well as the most confirmed deaths. But several other countries have moved closer to the U.S. in both statistics.

According to the tracker, India has over 6.1 million confirmed cases, making the country No. 2 in that category. Next is Brazil, with over 4.7 million cases, and Russia, with over 1.1 million.

Brazil is No. 2 in fatalities, with at least 142,058, followed by India, with at least 96,318.

The global death toll of more than 1 million comes during the seventh month of the pandemic. The first confirmed death was reported in March, according to the tracker, after the virus spread from its believed origin in Wuhan, China.

Newsweek reached out to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.