U.S. Not Back to 'Normal,' GOP Still Don't Believe Biden Legally Elected President, Lincoln Project Ad

The Lincoln Project's latest advertisement released Monday warns Americans that the country is not back to "normal" even though President Joe Biden is in the White House. The ad cautions that Republicans are methodically undermining the democratic process through state-by-state voter restrictions.

The conservative-led super PAC, founded by some of former President Donald Trump's most ardent Republican critics, released its latest video Monday, which dismisses the notion that America is safe from Trump's policies. The minute-long ad promotes the group's fundraising effort to "defeat Trump and Trumpism" from the GOP and America at large. The video depicts gleaming amber waves of grain and smiling clips of Biden presenting his COVID-19 pandemic plan. But then the picture suddenly dims to offer a stern warning about Republican voter suppression plans. Black leaders in several states Biden won, including Georgia, say state-level GOP lawmakers have declared "open season" on voting rights under the guise of "voter integrity" laws.

The ad says Republicans ultimately want to retake Congress and impeach Biden.

"America is starting to breathe again, a decent man as president, a plan to protect us, it feels almost normal, but it's not," the narrator says in the ad. "Republicans still will not admit that President Biden was legally elected, which means they don't believe in democracy. They believe an election is only legitimate if they win. That's not democracy."

"Their plan: pass voter suppression bills to block minorities from voting, take back Congress, impeach President Biden," the ad continues. "We refuse to accept the end of the American experiment. We refuse to allow anti-democratic autocrats to steal our country. We choose to fight. And we will not lose. Join us."

The group has accused Republicans in Washington of opposing the democratic process in ads nearly every day since the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol. In a separate video released on Sunday, the Lincoln Project said the 147 GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn the November presidential election results "voted against America." The super PAC is also raising awareness over state-by-state GOP efforts to draft voting laws that make it harder for minorities and absentee voters to cast their ballots.

The group's fundraiser link featured in Monday's video asks for one-time or recurring contributions needed for the "support of patriots and partners like you to hold accountable those whom have violated their constitutional oaths and put their own ambition ahead of the greater good of the American people."

"On January 6, our democracy was attacked, 147 Republicans voted against America. Corporate America vowed to protect democracy," the Lincoln Project's Sunday ad declared, showing logos for Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, JPMorganChase and Facebook, all companies which suspended political donations in January following the deadly riots. Several announced they needed to rethink their political contribution tactics as a whole in the wake of the attacks.

The ad urges Americans to force these companies to "make a choice: what side of history will they stand on?"

Newsweek reached out to the Lincoln Project as well as the GOP's Washington headquarters Monday for additional remarks.

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The Lincoln Project's latest advertisement released on Monday warns Americans that the country is not back to "normal" even though President Joe Biden is in the White House, cautioning that Republicans are methodically undermining the democratic process state-by-state. Screenshot: YouTube | The Lincoln Project