U.S. Snowboarding Reveals Astronaut-Themed Uniforms for 2018 PyeongChang Olympics

The Olympics can be wildly unpredictable, but we can be guaranteed one thing for the 2018 Winter Games: the U.S. snowboarding team is going to look really good. Burton revealed the uniforms this week—they're modeled after astronaut gear and, in a word, they're dope. 

There is no mistaking what these uniforms are intended to evoke, but it's just subtle enough to not border on absurd. In other words, you could wear the jackets around town and not look totally out of place, but you would stand out—in a good way. With the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, fewer than 100 days away, Burton stated it looked to find a unique way to turn snowboarding—usually fiercely individualistic—into a team-oriented sport while still maintaining the fun that comes with action sports.

"The sport of snowboarding is neither nationalistic nor team-oriented in nature; however, all of that changes for a minute every four years during the Olympic Games," Jake Burton, founder and chairman of Burton Snowboards, said in a press release. "If the global expectations are that U.S. snowboarders represent their country in a uniform, then Burton wants to design and manufacture it."

A lot of it comes down to details. The jackets evoke space suits, sure, but it's the undershirt in traffic-cone orange that really brings it all together. The simple, NASA-style "USA" on the hat is especially well done. It'll be an exciting year to watch snowboarding as well, since the 2018 games are set to debut the popular big air event, during which the athletes will fly off a massive jump and perform incredibly difficult tricks.

2018 is not the first time the snowboarding gear has channeled something distinctly American. In 2010, for instance, the pants were made to look like denim while the top featured a checkered, flannel-esque pattern.

"Like the previous three which had a retro-inspired influence, the 2018 theme is also a heavy nod to Americana, because its main influence is the iconic suits of the United States' leading space exploration program," Greg Dacyshyn, head designer of Burton's Olympic uniform program, said in a statement. "I have always loved the astronauts' suits, because not only do they have such a cool and amazing aesthetic, they also were designed to function under the most extreme conditions, so this gave us an incredible platform to push the innovation and technology of the garments as well."

Take a look at the gear here:

burton gear Here's an overview of the whole outfit from Burton for the U.S. snowboarding team in the 2018 Olympics. Burton Snowboards

orange top A bright orange top from Burton. Burton Snowboards

jacket A jacket from Burton for the 2018 winter games. Burton Snowboards

beanie A beanie for the 2018 winter games. Burton Snowboards

outfit A look at a Burton jumpsuit meant to evoke astronauts for the 2018 winter games. Burton Snowboards

mittens Displayed is a pair of mittens for the 2018 winter Olympics made by Burton for the U.S. snowboarding team. Burton Snowboards