Utah Man Charged With Possessing a Weapon of Mass Destruction

A man in Utah has been charged with making violent threats and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, according to local media outlets.

KUTV reported Bountiful resident Robert Jack Turville, 62, was arrested on Sunday. Police, the South Metro SWAT team and a bomb squad searched his home afterward.

Unified Police Department Detective Ken Hansen said the SWAT team were "looking for things that may have been used" in Turville's threats towards others.

According to Gephardt Daily, Unified police officers located Turville—who had fled his home—at the residence of an acquaintance who was unaware of the situation. Turville was reportedly arrested in the Millcreek/Holladay area without incident.

Turville is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail. According to the jail's inmate database, he was charged with possession and use of a weapon of mass destruction, possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault, criminal solicitation and two counts of threat of violence.

Hansen told Gephardt Daily one or more individuals contacted police about threats Turville had directed against someone else. KUTV reported police and the Metro Mental Health team had begun investigating Turville's threats on June 4, with the latter reporting immediate action was necessary on Sunday.

Without divulging details of Turville's alleged threats, Hansen told KUTV authorities' concern stemmed from their specificity.

"We felt it was extremely urgent based on the threats and how detailed the threats were, and the capabilities of this individual," he told KUTV.

"It had to do with harming a number of people and mentioning a specific way to do that."

Authorities have not yet confirmed the nature of Turville's threats or details on the weapon that was allegedly in his possession. Incriminating items found in his home during the extensive search, if any, have also not been disclosed.

Newsweek has contacted the Unified Police Department for comment.

According to KUTV, Turville's neighbors said homes next door to him were at one point evacuated, while other residents were told to stay indoors during the search due to the possibility of explosives being found in the house.

On a Facebook account that appears to belong to Turville, a cryptic last status update, posted on Sunday morning, read: "Thinking of you."

On his LinkedIn page, Turville has listed himself as the "foundation charity founder" of Broken Trust, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on assisting survivors of sexual assault. Business database websites list the organization's address as located in the same area Turville was reported to have lived in.

Salt Lake City police investigator searches home
A Salt Lake City police investigator searches through a garage of a house of a person of interest in a missing person case after issuing a search warrant on June 27, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police, a SWAT team and a bomb squad searched the home of Bountiful, Utah, resident Robert Jack Turville following reports of violent threats. George Frey/Getty Images