Utah Mother Allegedly Snapped Family Cat's Neck on Table in Front of Her Two Kids after Ferociously Beating It

A Utah mother has been charged after allegedly snapping a family cat's neck in front of her two crying children in September last year.

Ariane Christine Borg, 38, of Holladay, was charged with multiple counts of child abuse and third-degree torture of a companion animal in the 3rd District Court, ABC4 reported yesterday. She was suffering from mental illness at the time, according to her lawyer.

Probable cause documents said the woman's children, 10-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, told police their mother had been holding the cat's legs and smacking it off a table, before snapping the cat's neck and discarding it outside. The daughter was allegedly bruised while trying to stop the killing.

Local media reported that cops found the home in disarray with blood stains visible. The dead cat was in the front yard. The children said the mother had beat the cat "over and over again."

According to KSTU (Fox13), the children were interviewed by a detective on November 29. Borg's daughter reportedly told the detective that her mother "goes crazy" nearly every night.

ABC4 reported that the mother had signs of "self inflicted stab wounds" on her body. Local media reported Sunday that one of the children had received counseling for trauma.

Borg's defense attorney, Steve Burton, has criticized the local media coverage of his client, stressing she has been through "months of intensive treatment" since the incident. Burton said that Borg had been making "extraordinary efforts to become well" and has therapy five times a week. Her medications are now "closely overseen by a psychiatrist," he added.

The attorney further said that Borg's medications had been adjusted two months prior to the incident, which caused her mental health to begin "spiraling downward."

"Because of the changes in medication and a lack of mental health treatment, Ariane suffered a critical manic episode," Burton said. "She believed that she and her family were being attacked and she injured herself and a beloved family pet while suffering from those delusions."

ABC4 reported that the mother was booked into Salt Lake County Jail last Friday (January 25) but has since been released. A court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow, the local outlet said.

Burton, in a lengthy statement carried in full by Utah's KUTV, said the mother had no previous criminal history. He also criticized the region's police for failing to provide "meaningful help."

"Instead of criminally charging and publicly castigating good people with serious mental health issues, our society should be supporting these people and their valiant efforts to carry a cross that would be hard for even the strongest of us to bear," the attorney wrote.

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Utah Mother Allegedly Snapped Family Cat's Neck on Table in Front of Her Two Kids after Ferociously Beating It | U.S.