'V Wars' Netflix Release Date: When is the Series Out?

Vampire Diaries fans who still miss the supernatural series are in for some good news as its star Ian Somerhalder is about to lead a new vampire show, V Wars, coming very soon to Netflix.

All 10 episodes of the science fiction and horror drama, in which Somerhalder stars as a doctor trying to deal with a virus unleashed on the world by climate change, are coming in December to Netflix.

"Because of climate change, all the ice and permafrost is melting, and the scientific community is trying to make us aware," Somerhalder told Scroll.in.

"What happens when the ice melts is that whatever was trapped underneath that for hundreds of millennia starts coming out. What does that mean for humans, wildlife or livestock? In V Wars, a disease escapes, which causes me and my best friend to become accidentally infected, and then we start spreading it by mistake."

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The Lost actor went on to describe the series as "a different, raw, edgy take on the vampire genre." Asked what made the show different from The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder said: "There's nothing supernatural about the vampires in V Wars. It's more grounded and bloody, and science-based, and here if someone dies, they don't supernaturally return. Every character here is always on the precipice of death in V Wars."

If that sounds good to you, you will be pleased to know that the show is coming very soon. The Netflix release date for V Wars is Thursday, December 5, when the series will be released in its entirety. As with the majority of Netflix's shows, the show is expected to be released at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time, or 3:01 a.m. Eastern time.

Searching V Wars on Netflix now brings up a two-minute trailer which sees Somerhalder's Dr. Swann investigating a spate of so-called "vampire killings" that leave victims drained of blood.

v wars netflix release date
Ian Somerhalder in "V Wars" Netflix

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Swann gets drawn into the problem as it starts to become a global pandemic. The promo also has a lot of fighting and explosions that suggest that the show will be fairly action-packed.

Also starring in the series is Shadowhunters' Jacky Lai as Kaylee Vo, a character she described to Netflix Life as "a young online journalist who uses her own personal resources to uncover the biggest story of her life" and who "functions as the eye of the people, the unfiltered and raw perception of what is really happening in this world."

Also starring is Arrow's Adrian Holmes, playing Dr. Swann's best friend Michael, who gets infected with the virus. Speaking of his role in the series to Meaww, he said, "Michael Fayne later becomes a figure of authority when he takes on the mantle as leader of Blood Nation [an underground vampire group], but he has an inner struggle and is conflicted between right and wrong."

V Wars is released on Thursday, December 5 on Netflix.

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