Vaccinated Senior Dies When COVID Strikes His Hockey League After First Game in 18 Months

A full vaccinated Ontario senior citizen has died after COVID-19 spread through his adult hockey league.

Last week, 75-year-old Garry Weston succumbed after suffering a severe stroke while battling pneumonia, which was caused by COVID-19, according to his family.

Weston's daughter, Amber Weston-Campbell told CTV News Toronto on Thursday that her father was infected by COVID-19 in September while playing in a three-on-three hockey league in Newmarket, Ontario, for the first time in 18 months. According to officials in York Region, Ontario, there were 15 COVID-19 breakthrough cases linked to the hockey league.

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A full vaccinated Ontario senior citizen has died after COVID-19 spread through his adult hockey league. Getty Images

"My dad was an avid sports person," Weston-Campbell told CTV on Thursday. "He's been waiting to go back and play because he just loved hockey."

Weston-Campbell said that after her dad played, he wasn't feeling too well the next day.

"It was like a cold, but it progressively got worse at home," she said. "He was struggling to breathe."

Once Weston was admitted to the hospital, he continued to get worse before being transferred to intensive care and ultimately being intubated.

"As they were intubating him, he developed signs and symptoms of a stroke," said Weston-Campbell, who's a registered nurse. "They discovered after, he had a massive stroke. The doctor basically said to us he wouldn't be able to come home. It was a grim diagnosis."

The doctors told Weston-Campbell that the damage caused by Weston's stroke was irreparable and he would have "no quality of life" if he were to be taken off life support.

Weston-Campbell and her family decided to take her father off life support shortly afterward.

"It would have been so unfair of us to try and keep his physical shell of a body, which it would have been, when he would have hated every minute of it. He was far too active of a guy to live like that," said Weston-Campbell.

She ended her statements to CTV by mentioning that her family still believes everyone should still get the vaccine.

"We just want people to be vigilant," she said. "It's a very small number of people, but you never know when that number is going to be you."

According to CTV, the other 14 people who tested positive in the hockey league had minor symptoms.

Newsweek has reached out to York Region's official website for further comment.