Will We All Be Vegan One Day?

Once seen as a niche dietary choice, veganism has seen an increase in both popularity and accessibility in recent years. In 2017, six percent of Americans claimed to be vegan, a number that is expected to grow.

The latest Newsweek documentary looks at whether the rise of people eating a plant-based diet, coupled with concerns over the effects meat and dairy consumption have on both our bodies and our planet, could lead to a future where we are all vegans.

"Will We All Be Vegan in the Future?" meets chefs who are trying to get veganism to lose its "hippie image," as well as conservationists in the U.K. who argue that animals are key to breathing life back into near-defunct farmland.

The documentary also showcases food tech companies that are developing cruelty-free lab-grown meat with the aim of tackling increasing global meat consumption without killing more animals.

This documentary is the fourth episode in Newsweek's five-part documentary series looking at how society could change in the near future.

The first episode examined how the NFL might struggle to survive in the wake of the "take a knee" protests against police brutality and institutional racism, and concerns over the long-term effects of concussions on players.

With the rise of American socialist politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, the second episode questions whether the U.S. will ever elect a socialist president.

The third episode examined how IVF treatments are used to conceive without having sex, as well as how increased access to pornography and sex robots will impact how we have sex in the future.

The next documentary will look at America's opioid crisis, following those who think the war on drugs has failed, and whether it's time for a new approach. The episode will be available to watch on YouTube and Facebook on January 15.

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