Vegan Sneakily Fed Meat by Her Boyfriend's Family Praised for Loud 'Puking'

A family has been criticized online for sneaking meat into a vegan's meal, prompting her to throw up loudly in a nearby toilet.

In a viral post shared on Reddit's infamous AmITheA**hole forum, which can be read here, user purpldingo explained they had been vegan for 10 years and that eating meat could cause digestive issues for them.

According to Statista, about 2 percent of Americans follow a vegan diet—although it noted that surveys have trouble identifying the exact number.

The leading reasons why people become vegan are concerns about animal welfare, climate change and the desire to eat more healthily, it said.

Stock image of woman being sick
Stock image of a woman being sick in a toilet. The Reddit user explained they needed to vomit after they ate meat. Getty

The user said they realized they found it difficult to eat meat when they accidentally ate meat at a bonfire party.

And they experienced another instance of mistakenly eating meat when they and their boyfriend ate with his family.

They revealed that his family had laid into them for being vegan, but said they had been "pleasant" recently when they went over for a meal.

The Reddit user noted the chunky red sauce was "weird tasting" but continued to be polite when asked what they thought of it.

But the user continued: "Then his dad was like 'hah did you hear her, she said she liked it.' And the whole family except my boyfriend and I were acting like it was some big joke.

"Then his dad revealed it had ground beef in the sauce. I was like 'goddamnit' internally because I had a four-hour flight the next morning and I did not want to spend it blowing up the airplane bathroom. So I was like 'excuse me' and walked to the bathroom.

"His family was like 'wtf' so as a bit of an answer to them I didn't shut the door when I did what I was about to do, have a puke."

The commenter admitted they had acted a "little dramatic" but preferred to bring it up then rather than while traveling.

They revealed their boyfriend's family got "mad" for throwing up with the door open and that they left.

The Reddit user said the boyfriend was "mad at his family for obvious reasons but he's also kind of upset with me for how I handled stuff. Feeling like making everyone hear and see me retch, not cleaning up the 'splatter', and then heading out fairly wordlessly.

"I was like 'Nah, I handled it fine,' I wasn't being dramatic, I didn't wanna be blowing up the airplane toilet tomorrow. And the splatter? They're damn lucky it wasn't coming from the other end.

"At that point, I started laughing at the idea which made my boyfriend madder. He was saying that kinda vile stuff was fucked up and I was like 'chill it's a joke'."

Since being shared on Wednesday, August 3, the post has received more than 8,800 upvotes and was commented on some 1,500 times.

Many of those who commented blasted the boyfriend's family for being disrespectful and not respecting the diet.

One Reddit user, whose comment was upvoted more than 13,300 times, said: "NTA (not the a**hole). Boyfriend and his family suck. They should count themselves lucky you didn't puke directly on them."

Another added: "These sound like the kind of people who'd think someone was making up an allergy and then put them in the ER when they decide to test their theory.

"They literally poisoned you. If your boyfriend is siding with them, then he's just as bad as they are. Dump all of them. NTA."

A third person commented: "His family is so f***ing terrible for this. Like what do [they] think, you've never eaten meat before and they need to convert you or some s***?

"Like how would they feel if you were constantly forcing them to eat fake meat they don't want to eat to convert them to veganism?

"I'm sure they would not appreciate it. You are NTA and I'm glad you didn't hide the vomiting because they need a wake-up call."

Newsweek has contacted purpldingo for comment.

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