A Vegas Crew, But It Ain't Ocean's 11

No one focuses on his good qualities, but say this much for O. J. Simpson: the disgraced football star still knows how to pull a team together. In Las Vegas for a pal's wedding—he was going to be the best man, natch—he took a detour instead, rounding up a posse of aging golf buddies and faux toughs for a self-described "sting operation" that ended up with nearly everyone arrested, including one of the alleged victims. (After assisting police, the other alleged victim suffered a major heart attack.) Who are these guys? A PERI roll call.

CLARENCE STEWART, 53 Golf buddy began day helping O.J.'s kid with wedding errands; now faces felony counts. Tells NEWSWEEK charges are "bulls––t."

WALTER ALEXANDER, 46 O.J. golf buddy in town for same wedding, arrested at airport leaving town, gives up pals, freed without bail, now working on a plea deal.

MICHAEL MCCLINTON, 49 VEGAS-area O.J. pal. Cops found handguns at his home matching descriptions of those possibly used during incident in hotel room 1203.

THOMAS RICCIO, 44 AUCTIONEER and convicted felon who set up casino meet for O.J. and two dealers, then sold audio recording of melee to TMZ.com.

ALFRED BEARDSLEY, 45 Arranged with Riccio to meet rich buyer for secretive deal, called cops when it went bad—then got busted for California parole violation.

BRUCE FROMONG, 53 Second alleged victim and former O.J. memorabiliabusiness partner in 1990s. In fair condition following heart attack.

CHARLES CASHMORE, 40 Sent by Stewart, his friend, to Palms hotel to calm down O.J. prior to incident, wound up tagging along, then in jail.

CHARLES EHRLICH, 53 Miami pal of O.J.'s. Stewart's lawyer claims schemers drew up plan for him and Cashmore to enter hotel room first, posing as buyers.