Vegetarian Ridiculed Over Anger at Paying for Meat-Eating Husband's Food

A penny-pinching vegetarian has been derided online after expressing her frustrations at having to pay towards her husband's meat-based meals.

According to a 2018 Gallup Poll, 5 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves to be vegetarian. Interestingly, that poll also found the divide between vegetarians and meat-eaters was drawn along political lines, with 11 percent of self-identified liberals identifying as vegetarian compared with just 2 percent of conservatives and 3 percent of moderates.

One vegetarian woman posting to Mumsnet appears to be bucking that particular trend though after taking a not-so-liberal stance on her husband's meat-eating ways. According to the post, shared by a user writing as SpingTimeMelody, her food is "generally less expensive" than her other half's because of the fact she doesn't eat meat.

While she claims to have "no problem" with her husband eating meat, she said recently that she has grown frustrated at the fact he has not "cut down" and, indeed, seems to eat meat "more now" than he ever previously did. "Today he had bacon medallions for breakfast, a tin of tuna for lunch and plans to have an expensive individually wrapped chicken breast for dinner," she said.

A man eating a burger.
Stock image of a man eating a burger. A vegetarian wife has been derided online after expressing her frustrations at having to pay towards her husband's meat-based meals. kzenon/Getty

When she attempted to raise her concerns with her husband he told her: "I can eat what I like." However, that stance has not sat well with his wife who is concerned that his culinary choices are eating into their savings at a time when she is trying to cut back on spending.

"Food comes out of our 'joint money,' and we are spending too much," she said. "If I suddenly decided to eat meat (not going to happen) we wouldn't be able to afford it. Basically he can only afford to eat meat the way he does because I have a much cheaper diet."

Turning to social media for advice, the woman evidently assumed someone would be able to offer a solution or compromise to solve the issue.

Instead, her post quickly became a lightning rod for criticism and ridicule. Roarfeckingroarr said it: "Sounds a bit mean to be arguing over food," while 1FootInTheRave commented: "What a miserable existence."

"You're being petty I'm afraid and I'm saying that as a lifelong veggie," ChesterDrawsLouLou wrote. "I would hate to, in effect, feel like I was being monitored/ paying a supplement for my diet choices."

Roosnunlilei said: "I think this is completely normal meat consumption for many people," while Overthebow wondered: "Can you actually not afford it, or are you prioritizing spending on other things whilst he would prefer to prioritize eating meat?"

"Honestly this is actually depressing," ladydumietrescu wrote. "If he was smoking and paying out of joint money, fine." Memyselfandfood felt the woman was being "massively unreasonable," adding: "veggie food is not always cheaper."

GeorgesMarvelousCalpol, meanwhile, felt it was "a weird thing to argue about."

"Surely it's family money buying family groceries," they said. "Do you buy tampons etc... as part of grocery money? More expensive shampoo and separate conditioner versus his 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo etc?"

Newsweek has contacted SpingTimeMelody