Venomous Snake Found in Asthma Inhaler Gives Teen 'Surprise of Her Life'

A highly venomous snake was found inside a teenager's asthma inhaler in Australia on Monday.

Experts from a relocation company called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said in a Facebook post on Monday that staff responded to a residence in Bli Bli, a rural town in the coastal Queensland region, after a girl encountered a red-bellied black snake.

A catcher called Heather who went to the home discovered the small snake had crawled inside the teenager's breathing aid. A caption posted with an image of the reptile coiled up inside the inhaler said it was initially lurking in washed clothes brought in from outside. The length of the snake was not released, but the species grows to reach about 6.5ft on average.

The caption read: "You would not believe this... at a home in Bli Bli a teenaged girl got the surprise of her life. She brought the washing in and as she put it on the floor of the bedroom, she saw a dark coloured Snake came out of the clothing.

"When Heather arrived she found a baby red bellied black snake inside of the girl's asthma Inhaler. This is crazy and super lucky we were able to find the snake."

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said the inhaler "one of the most incredible places" its had ever discovered a snake, and it was "glad" the reptile was safely relocated to the wild. The post attracted hundreds of comments and shares.

According to the Australian Museum, the red bellied species is "one of the most frequently encountered" on the east coast of Australia.

They are linked to a number of bites on humans every year but are considered to be a "shy snake" that will only attack when under severe distress, it said.

The museum said the species will typically try to flee to the nearest exit if approached, but if it is harassed it can lash out and deliver a rapid, but often "clumsy," bite.

Its venom has both blood thinning and paralytic effects, with symptoms in humans including bleeding, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Last week, a larger red-bellied black snake that was spotted under a Sunshine Coast resident's swimming pool deck was captured as it tried to flee a reptile catcher.

Despite the ability to deliver a venomous bite, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers says on its website the species has a fearsome reputation that is "well overexaggerated."

Red-bellied Black Snake
A red-bellied black snake showing its tongue. Red-bellied black snakes can be found across all of eastern Australia Getty Images