Venomous Snakes Caught Invading People's Bedrooms in Shocking Video

A snake removal expert in Australia has advised residents to stay vigilant after multiple species were recently found lurking in people's homes.

Stuart McKenzie, the owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, shared a video to Facebook on Tuesday showing a series of encounters with reptiles that were found hiding in the bedrooms of residents of the Sunshine Coast region.

The clip featured a wide variety of species, from the relatively harmless tree snake to the deadly eastern brown and the large-bodied carpet python constrictor.

The video—taken by the relocation team as they attended call-outs—showed an eastern brown hiding under a person's carpet, a python curled under a duvet and a venomous red-bellied black snake that had been discovered inside a wardrobe.

In one of the most eye-catching moments, McKenzie wrangled a thick python that was inside a homeowner's bedroom closet. "Wow, look at the size of this snake," he is heard saying. "That is ridiculous, it's lucky there's no bed and someone sleeping in here."

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Carpet pythons, which are the most commonly encountered species of snake along the Sunshine Coast region, are regularly found "curled up in ceilings enjoying the security and warmth," the Queensland Government explains on its website.

McKenzie wrote in a caption on Facebook: "We are getting called weekly for snakes that have entered a family's home and ended up in one of the bedrooms.

"Often the bedroom is the hardest place to find a snake because most bedrooms are quite messy or have plenty of stuff in them for snakes to hide amongst. If you ever have a snake enter one of your bedrooms please shut the door and wedge a towel under the outside of the door isolating the snake in there and give us a call immediately."

In a separate Facebook post on Tuesday, another Queensland reptile removal business, Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, published two images of a large carpet python that had to be relocated from a woman's bed at her home in Bardon.

It said in a caption the homeowner had left her windows open overnight when a python that had previously been seen in the yard decided to slither into the room.

"They... were happy to have it outside, but it really pushed the boundaries this time so it was time to have it relocated," Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast said.

According to the Queensland Government, the state is home to roughly 120 species of snake, about 65 percent of which are venomous. It says snakes are attracted to yards and houses by food and shelter, sometimes unknowingly provided by humans.

Officials said it's vital to not attempt to kill the snake, as it is illegal to kill a native animal and it could also result in a higher risk of being attacked or bitten.

"It is important to remember that snakes are an important part of the environment and the relocated snake is often replaced by another living nearby. The best approach is to snake-proof your house," officials said in an FAQ about the treatment of snakes.

Red-bellied Black Snake
A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. Red-bellied Black Snakes can be found across all of eastern Australia Getty