'Very Cavallari' Sneak Peek: Kristin Details 'Romantic' Colonic Date With Then-Boyfriend Jay Cutler

Very Cavallari returns to E! this Sunday for a whole new episode following star Kristin Cavallari and company. While Season 2 for the former The Hills star is mainly tackling how Cavallari will adjust to a cross-country move, Sunday's episode will also take a tiny peek into what life was like before she married former NFL athlete Jay Cutler.

In the car with her best friend Kelly, Cavallari is preparing for her press-related trip to Palm Springs and is reminded of their "hoe-ish" moments in the desert city.

"Do you remember the last time we went to Palm Springs together," Kelly questioned to Cavallari.

"Yeah, when we had tubes up our butt," the Uncommon James founder responded, laughing. "And you were dying ... you were on your death bed, for real."

"We have a lot of history in Palm Springs, Kel and I," Cavallari said to the camera. "At the detox bar, you get colonics."

"It really bonded us, in a different kind of way," Kelly responded.

Colonics, otherwise known as Colon Cleansing, is a medical therapy treatment where water and other fluids go into the rectum to flush out toxins and cleanse the colon.

While the reality star is no stranger to the unusual health regimen, getting her first treatment at the age of 18, Cavallari later detailed that then-boyfriend Cutler sat in on one of her procedures.

"When Jay and I were first dating, honestly we were probably dating for 4 or 5 months, I convinced him to get a colonic," the reality star said. "He said, 'Well, I want to sit in while you get yours because I don't know what to expect."

"Jay and I sat in on each other's colonics," she added.

Arguably not the most typical site for a date, it obviously didn't seem to make Cutler shy away from the former The Hills star. He married her in 2013 and the couple has three children together.

"I'm not proud of this moment," Cavallari said to the camera, laughing. "This is not something that I wanted in my life, okay?"

Find out what happens next when Very Cavallari airs Sunday on E! at 10 p.m. ET.