Elderly Veteren Saves Woman from Pit Bulls that Killed his Pet Dog

An 89-year-old army veteran stepped in to ward off two vicious pit bulls who were attacking his friend and pet dog in North Carolina.

Dallas Campbell, from Enochville, Rowan County, was called to the aid of his friend, Lisa, who had been walking his miniature schnauzer when two pitbulls attacked. The attack took place on January 6.

Lisa was hospilized for her injuries while the miniature schnauzer, named Kaylee, died.

According to the Charlotte Observer the friend walked the dog every day at 2 p.m. while Dallas had a cancer-related radiation appointment. The newspaper reported that two pit bulls dashed out from behind a shop and started to attack the schnauzer. They then bit the woman in one of her arms and legs as she tried to protect the pet dog.

Lisa managed to call Dallas during the attack, screaming "help me!"

Dallas told the Charlotte Observer that he "had no choice" but to beat the dogs away with his walking stick. "[The dogs had been] tearing that woman up, and I had to get it off her," he told the newspaper.

Christopher Campbell, Dallas' son, wrote about his father's ordeal in a Facebook post.

Christopher Campbell described the ordeal on his Facebook

"My 89-year-old, veteran father, Dallas Campbell, hearing the commotion from a block away, ran into the fray and used a walking stick to beat the dogs off our friend, Lisa," he wrote. He said Kaylee was rushed to the vets while an ambulance took Lisa to the hospital.

The miniature schnauzer, however, died from its injuries on Friday evening, Christopher said. "She was the sweetest dog on earth, karmic balance to their having loved her predecessor, Storm, for more than a decade. Storm loved only them. Kaylee loved everyone."

Lisa remains in hospital, facing multiple surgeries on arms and legs, as well as receiving shots for rabies.

Christopher wrote: "No one from the Sheriff's department has contacted my father. I'm unaware of whether anyone from the department has contacted Lisa. I'm not aware of anything being done to locate the dogs and their owner in order to protect the public. Next time, it could be a child.

"Lisa will never be the same. My elderly parents are grief-stricken, for their friend, Lisa, and for their beloved dog, likely the last they will ever own, and more than a little for the world in which they find themselves in their closing years."

Christopher Campbell confirmed in an update this week that the dogs had been taken into custody by animal control, and that his father had buried his beloved dog.

In July last year, Eyewitness News reported that hundreds of dog bites are reported across central North Carolina each year. This was highlighted by two separate fatal dog attacks involving children in 2021.

Last year, a total of 245 dog bites were reported in central North Carolina.

Stock image of a pitbull wearing a muzzle. RAUL ARBOLEDA/Getty Images