Victoria Scone on Her 'Devastating' Exit From 'RuPaul's Drag Race UK'

Drag Race UK Week 3 saw not one, but two queens leave the competition. Sadly, Victoria Scone had no choice but to pull out of the competition due to a knee injury sustained in week 1 of the competition and Veronica Green was asked to sashay away after losing out in the lip-sync battle to Vanity Milan.

Thankfully, this won't be the last you see of Victoria Scone and she spoke to Newsweek about her incredible—yet short-lived—time on the show.

Victoria Scone on Her Shock Exit From 'Drag Race UK'

Sadly, Victoria Scones journey on RuPaul's Drag Race was cut short after she partially tore her ACL during Week 1. She was competing for the crown of Top Queen of the week against Krystal Versace when she took to the floor in an epic knee-slide move, only to significantly injure her leg.

Like an absolute trooper, Victoria Scone carried on and even performed a dance routine (taught by the one and only Oti Mabuse) in Week 2. How she was still able to pull off that incredibly hard dance moves sitting down and walking the runway is something one can only admire.

After Week 2, Victoria Scone had to pull out of the competition on doctor's orders.

Reflecting on her exit, Victoria Scone told Newsweek: "I'm utterly devastated and heartbroken. I've been thoroughly robbed by my own knee. I've had a lot of lovely physical therapy on it. Fortunately, I didn't have to have any surgery as it was only a partial tear to my ACL, not a full tear but it was still agonizing.

"I was thoroughly in denial and pretending there wasn't any pain when really, I was in an awful lot of pain but I was not letting anyone throw me out the competition unless I really had to go and I really did need to go for my own health."

The good news is, in true-Veronica Green style, if Victoria Scone were to be invited back for Season 4, it is something she would be open to.

"You heard Ru's wording on last night's episode. It's not the last you've seen of me but that is all I've heard so far. Season 3 is still on TV at the moment so that [potential return] is a while into the future but you know, if the fans want me, what can I say?" she joked.

Victoria Scone was the Drag Queen everybody was talking about ahead of the premiere of Drag Race UK Season 3. After all, she was about to make her mark as the first cisgender female Drag Queen in RuPaul's Drag Race history, something, she wasn't completely fazed by.

Victoria Scone told Newsweek: "It's incredibly important to have cis-gendered female representation. We are a massive part of the community. Women can be queer too and gender has nothing to do with our art and our drag. Drag to me is about entertainment and portraying a character, nothing to do with genitals.

"I suppose you would think I would feel a lot of pressure because there is a lot of eyes watching me being the first cisgender woman [on the show] but I didn't feel it tremendously.

"I am very assured in what I do. We don't hear women talking about how good at their jobs they are enough, we don't hear women being confident enough in themselves. I'm confident enough to say I'm very good at what I do. I was very prepared going in, I had a very good mindset and I felt that I represented a different type of drag very well, even if my knee sabotaged me."

You can catch Victoria Scone on a Halloween tour this month that features Drag Race UK Season 2 icons Tayce and A'Whora. Also make sure to keep an eye out for her one-woman tour called "Jampacked" in 2022.

Keep up to date with Victoria Scone via her Instagram @victoriascone.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK is available to stream via WOW Presents Plus at 2 p.m. every Thursday in the U.S. and airs every Thursday at 7 p.m. on BBC Three via the BBC iPlayer in the U.K.

Victoria Scone Drag Race UK
Victoria Scone suffered a knee injury in Week 1 of Drag Race UK. BBC