What VidCon GM Says About the James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook Feud

VidCon, a conference celebrating YouTube's top creators is July 10 to July 13, and while it's a time for fans to meet their favorite YouTubers, the social platform is in the midst of one of its biggest creator feuds: James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook.

VidCon emphasizes inclusivity and fun for its attendees, but the recent drama cannot be ignored. Still, the conference's general manager, Jim Louderback, told Newsweek VidCon doesn't want to get involved. "VidCon is a safe space where everyone is treated the same," Louderback said. "We have created an environment where creators can either connect with their old friends or reconnect in a safe space."

"We're Switzerland," he added. "Maybe we can help some of the drama dissipate."

The drama between beauty influencers Charles and Westbrook ignited after the 19-year-old posted an advertised Instagram story April 22 in support of Westbrook's biggest competitors, SugarBearHair. What first seemed to be an act of betrayal and nothing else, Westbrook then uploaded her since-viral "Bye Sister..." video May 10, accusing Charles of much more.

Since then, Charles has since been publicly bashed by audiences and fellow members of the beauty community. A week later, the 19-year-old uploaded a nearly 45-minute video of his own, armed with messages and "receipts." Titled "No More Lies," Charles lays out an entire timeline of the events that occurred, putting Westbrook's initial story into question.

The drama has yet to come to a conclusion, but it looks like Westbrook and fellow beauty influencer Jeffree Star have since retreated.

While feuds within YouTube's creator community are nothing new, it was the reach and influence caused by Westbrook's initial video that is extraordinary. After her May 10 video, Charles lost over 3 million subscribers; however, subscribers have slowly started to come back after some are convinced Westbrook was lying about the whole thing.

The true story is still very convoluted, and each influencer saying they are being 100 percent honest, the drama may never come to a full conclusion.

One of VidCons confirmed featured creators, Colleen Ballinger, recently commented on the recent YouTube drama as her iconic, satirical character Miranda Sings.

Known for her quotable lines and eccentric personality, Ballinger's alter-ego is far from a scandalous YouTuber but published her video "Exposing YouTube Drama" at the height of the Charles, Westbrook feud.

The comedian opened up the video with an effort to "expose" herself so she can gain more subscribers and money. The tone quickly changes, however, and the end of the video as the OG YouTuber reflects on how the community has changed.

"Basically, all of 2019 is about exposing and canceling people. It just makes you more famous, richer and I'm just really grateful for that," Miranda sarcastically said during her video. "It makes it a lot easier for me, cause then I don't have to do a lot of work, I can just talk bad [about people]."

"YouTube used to be a place where all these people collab, do challenges and have 'fun,' and show off their 'talents,'–boring," she continued. "This is so much better, this 'tea' and hate ... so fun."

She tearfully concluded: "It feels so good to be a part of this YouTube family."

Ballinger will be joined by YouTube creators Brent Rivera, David Dobrik, Simply Nailogical, Andrea Russett, Rhett & Link, The Try Guys, Kristen McAtee and many more. VidCon kicks off in Anaheim on July 10 and will run until July 13. Tickets are available here and prices are set to rise on June 28.

What VidCon GM Says About the James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook Feud | Culture