Three Alabama Cops Suspended After Video Shows Beating, Stun Gun Use in Students' Arrests

Videos that surfaced online appear to show a group of police officers cursing at and using a stun gun on at least one student at a University of Alabama off-campus apartment in Tuscaloosa early Sunday morning. Tuscaloosa police said they have opened an internal investigation into the incident.

Updated | Three Alabama police officers have been suspended after an internal investigation was opened into circumstances depicted in several videos that surfaced online, which show the cops cursing at and using a stun gun on at least one student in Tuscaloosa early Sunday morning.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department (TPD) announced Monday it had placed the officers, who have not been identified, on administrative leave.

"I was deeply disturbed by and disappointed in the way our officers responded," Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steven Anderson told reporters Monday afternoon, Reuters reported.

The officers reportedly responded to a noise complaint at a University of Alabama off-campus apartment just before 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. The timeline of the events is unclear, but several videos showing different angles of the incident have surfaced on social media.

One video appears to depict an officer standing in the doorway and speaking to people inside the apartment. The individuals inside are heard refusing to leave and instead ask whether the officers have the right to search their apartment.

"Do you have a warrant?" a voice off-camera asks the officer.

"I don't have to have a warrant," the officer responds, before yelling, "I'm going to ask you one more time to get outside, now!"

The students question whether they are being arrested or detained and inform the officer that they are taping the incident.

A group of officers ultimately enter the apartment. Footage taken from the hallway of the building appears to show police pulling at least one man from the doorway and pushing him up against a wall before one of the officers uses a stun gun on his body. Another officer appears to beat the student repeatedly with a baton.

A woman and two men—all three students—were taken into custody, according to

Three University of Alabama officers responded to a TPD officer's call for emergency assistance on Sunday morning. 

The police forwarded videos of the arrest to internal affairs investigators, the city of Tuscaloosa said in a Twitter message.

"A full investigation of the circumstances that are depicted in these videos will be conducted and all appropriate measures taken to ensure the integrity of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa," police said in a statement.

This story has been updated to include information on the officers' suspension.