Amber Heard Guessing Size of Her Yorkie Leaves Depp Fans in Hysterics

Footage of Amber Heard vastly overestimating the size of her pet dog is doing the rounds on social media in an unearthed video taken from a 2016 deposition.

Johnny Depp's fans have reacted, and linked it to the feces accusations which were leveled at Heard during the recent defamation trial.

Heard and Depp divorced in 2016 but after Heard wrote a 2018 op-ed stating she was the survivor of domestic abuse. Depp sued for defamation, and ultimately won his suit. Heard's legal team have recently launched legal action against the decision made by the jury at the court in Fairfax County, Virginia.

A 2016 deposition has provided video footage used throughout the recent trial, with Heard and several witnesses giving testimony. New footage has emerged from Heard's interview, with the dog overestimation moment spreading online.

Amber Heard and pictures of testimony dog
Amber Heard has been accused of lying about the size of her dog Boo (top right) during the 2016 testimony she gave (bottom right). GC Images / Getty Images

Twitter user @LillyJane916 shared the clip online and added pictures of Heard's pet dogs for comparison's sake to Heard's testimony. The original footage was being sifted through by the YouTube user Incredibly Average, also known as @ThatBrianFella on Twitter.

When asked during the deposition to estimate the size of her dog, Heard describes the small Yorkie dog, Boo as a "brick" and a "cube."

She describes the size of the dog using her hands but over time the size of the dog, according to her hands, gets bigger and bigger. "She's almost as wide as she is long," Heard said, "she is a cube."

Many online took enjoyment from the clip while others linked it to the infamous story of Heard allegedly leaving human feces in Depp's bed.

"A lying liar who lies" said Twitter user @LillyJane916, who continued, "Amber Heard in her 2016 depo lying, under oath, about the size of her Teacup Yorkie - her attempt to justify the human sized [poop emoji] she tried to blame on her [dog emoji]."

They also added, "It's like you could see the wheels turning in her brain, calculating poo sizes, as she widened her hands a bit more each time."

Further adding visualization to the clip, the Twitter user superimposed a "90s TV" into the picture between Heard's hands.

"As she begins to realize the s*** needs to have come out of this dog, her hands move further and further apart to describe the size," wrote Twitter user @TheSnailAvail.

The footage was widely viewed and commented on on Instagram too.

"I just saw some photos with her and Boo. The dog is about half her arm. That's some brick," commented @mardeluna9. @vampirezrock gave Heard some credit, but disagreed with her visual estimation, "Well, she was right that Boo is the size of a brick, but her hand measurements are double or triple that size!"

The latest reemergence of testimony from 2016 comes after recent unsealed documents, previously hidden from the recent defamation trial, were released.

The revelations from that evidence shows how Heard refused millions in the divorce settlement, raised questions over Depp's severed finger story, and featured private texts between Depp and Marilyn Manson.

Newsweek has reached out to Depp and Heard's team for further comment.