Video Captures Incredible Moment Family Is Reunited With Cat Lost in August

The moment a cat was reunited with its family after being missing for five months was documented in a heartwarming video shared by the mom online.

Mom Heather, who goes by @piieeeeee on TikTok, received an unexpected call last week from a vet in Connecticut, who informed the Massachusetts-based family their beloved cat had been found safe and sound.

Seeing an opportunity to surprise her family, Heather made the two hour car journey alone, and returned with Macy without anyone else knowing.

The family rescued Macy, previously called Peggie, from a shelter in 2019 when they lived in Virginia. "We had her for a year and a half, she was a total indoor cat," explained Heather in a video, Macy had originally been considered feral but had been put up for adoption after being spayed and it was witnessed how loving and kind she was.

"One day she got out, my kids probably left the door open or something," Heather explained. In a stroke of luck, after two months of searching and social media posts, Macy was found on a porch in the local area. Macy's luck ran out as she went missing for a second time just four days later during the family's move to Massachusetts in August 2021.

"I'm gonna blame it on the fact that I was just exhausted with being with the kids and making the trip and it being super long," she said, detailing that it was 11 o'clock at night and she had a newborn in the car when they passed into Connecticut.

"I made the stupid decision to let Macy out to pee. I had her on a harness, and a leash but she wriggled out and ran off," said Heather. "It was a terrible, terrible decision but it was one I made."

Despite searching for her with lights and food for an hour and a half, they were unable to get Macy back. After leaving her phone number with the rest stop, they had no choice but to leave without the cat. "The only hope I really had is she is microchipped, so I was like maybe someone will bring her to a shelter or a vet at some point."

The video can be seen here.

Four days ago, the family received a phone call from a vet in Connecticut. A woman, who they called a "hero" had been feeding her, not knowing if she had an owner since August 2021 when she first went missing.

When it got cold out, she purchased a cat house in the yard for her, including a heating pad. "We're so grateful for this family," said Heather, knowing Macy had been looked after the whole time.

With the temperatures dropping, the woman placed her in the basement before taking her to the vets. It was there that they scanned her chip and tracked her back.

The amazing moment her husband found out has since gone viral, gaining over 700,000 views. "You're being weird, what's going on?" he asked as he entered the house, after being instructed to put his bags down.

"You got a cat?" he continued, spotting the cat in the bathroom. Unknowingly, he approached it as if it was any other cat, oblivious to the fact it was their missing feline.

"It's Macy," yelled one of the children. "It's not actually her," he replied, believing them to simply look similar.

"Yes it is," said the wife. "A shelter called me this morning and I drove all the way to New York and back. It's Macy."

Heather's husband was left in disbelief. "Shut up, no it's not," he responded, but the smile didn't leave his face once. "It's really Macy? She's not dead?" he asked in shock.

Another video shared by the mom showed the kids instantly recognizing the cat in their sink as Macy.

In a following video, Heather added that in the months since August, her kids never stopped asking about Macy and exemplified just how thankful they are for the family in Connecticut, who even shared footage of Macy in the yard with them.

"They had taken amazing care of her, I can't even tell you how grateful we are," she said