Video Captures Florida Driver Jumping Rising Drawbidge in Real Life Movie Scene

A Florida man managed to pull off a movie stunt in real life at Daytona's Main Street Bridge over Halifax River on Monday morning. Captured on traffic cameras, an SUV is seen crossing the drawbridge as it rises up to open.

According to WESH, a local NBC station, multiple camera angles show damages caused to both the traffic arms, which were in the down position when the driver smashed through them at a high speed. The daredevil then sped over the drawbridge as it continued to rise, catching some air along the way.

Though the risky crossing attempt was successful and the vehicle landed on the other side, it is not known if the driver was injured. Both the traffic arms had to be replaced.

The police believe that they have identified the driver but have not made an arrest.

Daytona Beach Police are searching for the person who drove through a drawbridge crossing arm and jumped the bridge as it was rising into the air.


— WSVN 7 News (@wsvn) April 15, 2021

Daytona's Main Streets Bridge's reputation is not so great when it comes to drivers jumping the drawbridge. Just last month, a motorcycle biker was caught pulling the same stunt.

The Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young addressed the habit on Twitter, asking drivers to be safe and smarter than those who speed over the rising bridge.

"It's absolutely against the law, that's why the rails are there," Florida Safety Council spokesperson Bonnie Frank told Fox 35. While it may look adventurous, Frank said it's extremely dangerous.

This is the Main Street draw bridge. The Bike Week “shenanigans” have officially commenced! Folks, please be safe and be smarter than this guy!

— Chief Jakari Young (@ChiefJakari) March 5, 2021

"You're not just risking yourself, you are risking all those other people that are also up on that bridge," Frank added.

Users took to Twitter to comment on the latest video. "First focused on 'jumped the bridge' before I saw Daytona Beach, and still immediately thought this has to be Florida," joked one.

Another wrote, "Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will."

Earlier in March, during this year's Bike Week, six people died in accidents involving motorcycles, some of which involved the bridge in question. According to Fox 35, 2020 also saw six Bike Week fatalities on the Main Street Bridge.

Daytona Main Street bridge
Daytona Main Street Bridge During Bike Week Chip Somodevilla/GETTY