Video Captures Lit Firework Being Hurled Into Convertible Before Exploding in Roadway

Dash cam video captured someone hurling a lit firework into an open convertible over the weekend in Nashville before it exploded onto the roadway.

Footage showed a white car pulling up to the parked convertible that was stopped at a Midtown intersection on the night of July Fourth. Someone in the backseat of the car is then seen lowering their window and throwing a "large, lit firework" at the driver of the top-down convertible before the white car drives off.

The driver, who was struck by the firework, tries to grab it from behind him and toss it out of the vehicle but is seen dropping it as it goes off.

Nashville police told Newsweek the incident was captured by the driver's mother, who was driving behind him at the time.

The incident occurred around 10:20 p.m. at Church Street and 17th Avenue North on Sunday night and was reported to the Nashville Police Department the following day.

Officials believe the attack to be random and are currently investigating the incident. They said there were no other reports of illegal fireworks reported to the department over the holiday weekend.

Firework Dash Cam Thrown Convertible July Fourth
Dash cam video captured someone throwing a lit firework in a car stopped at a traffic light in Nashville, Tennessee on July 4, 2021. Twitter

Kathy Kirby, the driver's mother, told WKRN that after her son quickly reached back to try and toss the firework, it burned him, causing him to drop it onto the roadway.

"It blew up then, first a small explosion and then a large very loud one," she said.

The driver, Colin, told the local outlet that his convertible suffered extensive damage, which will cost thousands of dollars to repair. He said his fingers were also burned in the incident and he is still having trouble hearing.

"I want to see Metro catch them," Colin said. "I want to see them put the driver and the one that threw it away for sure, and I want them to pay for the damage for my car."

"I really would like Metro to make an example out of this so people don't do this," he added. "I hate to say throw book at them. I hate to see peoples lives ruined over dumb stuff, but like I said, what if there were kids in the backseat or a whole family's car right there? It could have killed people."

Anyone with information about the incident or suspects has been asked to contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.

Last night in Nashville TN my son was at a traffic light in his convertible when a car pulled up and someone tossed in a large lit firecracker. At first it looks like it will be a dud but then there’s the second explosion! He was burned and the top must be totally replaced.

— Kathy (@picschick) July 6, 2021

Nashville police are also working with the Nashville Fire Department to investigate why the city's downtown fireworks show began before all police personnel were out of the blast zone on Sunday.