Video: CNN Brings out Popcorn During Panel on Trump-Democrats Meeting—'Play it Again'

The verbal fisticuffs during the Oval Office meeting between President Donald Trump, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi matched any television event, according to one CNN pundit.

During Tuesday's televised meeting between the president and the top Democrats, CNN analyst Ana Navarro tweeted: "Oh my God. Are you guys watching this? The 'Nancy, Chuck & Donald Variety Show' is going to be lit, you guys."

Trump had repeatedly threatened a government shutdown over the $5 billion he is demanding for his proposed border. If lawmakers do not agree on a federal budget by December 21, funding for some departments will end next week.

U.S. President Donald Trump (2R) argues about border security with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) (R) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Looking on is Vice President Mike Pence in the Oval Office on December 11, 2018. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

When Navarro appeared later on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, she was holding popcorn, comparing the heated exchange to a scene from a soap opera.

She said: "Please play it again, play it again on a loop. I could see that stuff all day. It is the most entertaining piece of video I have seen on TV since Theresa flipped over the table in the Real Housewives a few years ago.

"Look. I think we did see transparency. What we saw was the beginning of a new political reality for Donald Trump. Basically [Senate majority leader] Mitch McConnell and [former speaker] Paul Ryan have been his back up singers for the past two years, nodding and humming along to whatever tune he's singing.

"He has met his match and I think this was a very good day for Nancy Pelosi who I am not a fan of, but what you saw today is nobody puts Nancy in the corner. You are seeing the effects of that, she is about the get the deal, to get the votes from the rebel caucus," Navarro said on CNN Tonight.

The Real Housewives analogy was also made by fellow CNN host Anderson Cooper who compared the stunt to "Real Housewives reunion techniques."

The meeting had started in a civil manner, with Trump calling it a "great honor" to have Schumer and Pelosi present, in their first meeting since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives.

After the meeting, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Democrats have "made clear they would rather keep the border open than the government open." Meanwhile Schumer condemned Trump's "temper tantrum."

Pelosi, who is expected to become Speaker of the House when Democrats take over the chamber next month, later told the media: "I was trying to be the mom. It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you," the BBC reported.

Video: CNN Brings out Popcorn During Panel on Trump-Democrats Meeting—'Play it Again' | U.S.