Tense Video Shows Deer That Smashed Through Nursing Home Window Being Wrangled by Police

A police department in Wisconsin has released footage of its officers wrangling a deer that crashed through the window of a nursing home last Sunday.

Wausau Police Department officers Karlen, Pfaff and Pacey responded to the scene in the early hours of March 21 and had to restrain the wild animal as it frantically tried to flee from the indoor area, body-worn video camera recordings showed.

Authorities said officer Karlen was previously an "elite football athlete" and that skills from his prior profession had been particularly useful during the call-out.

"We'll give the nod to UW-Stevens Point Football and the Alouettes de Montréal for helping him be ready to "tackle" this call!" Wausau police said on Facebook.

The department said the deer suffered "a couple of small cuts" from glass but the trio of officers was "able to successfully get her back to her natural habitat without any further harm." The footage showed the animal running away after being freed.

According to the timestamps on the bodycam video, the officers arrived on the scene at around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, and the encounter was resolved within 10 minutes.

There have been numerous cases of wild deer crashing into buildings over the years, sometimes injuring those unfortunate enough to be in their path.

One of the most high-profile examples occurred in 2019 when a wild deer was caught on camera crashing through the front window of a hair salon in New York, knocking into a woman who was sitting on a couch and leaving staff and clients screaming.

Security footage that went viral at the time showed the deer running around inside the salon in Lake Ronkonkoma before bursting out the glass front door.

Salon owner Jenisse Heredia told CBS New York: "I was just terrified. I just couldn't believe it was happening. This is crazy. I've never seen a deer in this area."

And it's far from the first time a police department has had to deal with a deer, either. In June 2019, Lufkin Police Department in Texas released footage from a suspected armed burglary in progress that turned out to be "a very frightened doe."

Police wrote: "After several minutes of 'deer wrangling' with kitchen chairs, officers shooed the doe out the front door. No animals or officers were seriously injured in the incident (except minor cuts from the glass). Can't make this stuff up folks."

In 2016, Vox reported that analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by casino directory LCB listed deer as the deadliest animal in America.

The LCB research said: "The gory, brutal, man-against-animal showdowns you may be picturing are often far from reality. Deer are the deadliest animal in the United States—but deer-related fatalities most often stem from accidents, not vicious attacks.

"Due to rapid urban development, the deer's natural habitat is shrinking, causing them to share more space with humans, where they often wander into oncoming traffic and cause car crashes. Deer-related crashes are a growing problem across the country."

Stock: A young deer
Stock image: Deer in woodland. A police department in Wisconsin has released footage of its officers wrangling a deer that crashed through the window of a nursing home last Sunday. iStock