Video of Disabled Puppy Dancing is Melting Hearts Online

A video showing a disabled puppy leaping up and down in joy has surpassed more than 91.6 million views online.

In the clip—which was posted by a woman named Sirena to her TikTok account, Bunnytherabbitdog—we can see the small pet leaping up and down in a veterinarian's office.

The animal, whose name is Bunny, is bouncing with joy and the movements are set to a song that repeats the word "happy" by DJ Moody.

The pet has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes it difficult for animals to fine tune their motor movements.

However, Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Rock Hill, SC, explains on its website that: "While there is no cure or treatment for this condition, as your puppy grows-up they can learn to compensate for their condition and go on to live a long, happy, and pain free life. "

Bunnytherabbitdog captioned the adorable video, which can be watched here, writing: "#happydog."

The clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on January 15, having been liked by a whopping 13.2 people.

More than 168,600 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people sharing their delight at the dog having fun.

One TikTok user, Stephanie Solis, wrote: "It's like his brain is saying 'wag tail' but his body is like 'wag everything!'"

Another person, Cody Spradling, typed: "I don't want to be dramatic... but I would die for this dog."

Flyingpigs69 gushed: "Omgggg I love dogs with my whole heart this is amazing."

Nina Fan stated: "I have officially died from the cuteness."

Katie Feeny commented: "This is the cutest thing I've ever seen."

However, others were concerned for the pet's welfare including Paul Morris who wrote: "Don't think this is an appropriate song to be added where a dog has a neurological problem is clearly not happy as he/she is not in control!"

In a later video Sirena addressed this, explaining to viewers: "The people wanted more. She has cerebellar syndrome & is under the care of a Veterinarian.

"She is a happy & healthy pup otherwise #happydog."

Another video of a dog that has recently gone viral shows a Labrador puppy appearing to play the drums.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by Imperial Point Animal Hospital, we can see a small Labrador puppy sitting in front of an upturned metal bowl.

A veterinary technician is holding his arms and proceeds to make his paws hit the makeshift drum along to a soundtrack—the result is equal parts hilarious and adorable!

Newsweek contacted Sirena for comment.

A Dachshund puppy
A file photo of a puppy. On TiKTok, a small dog has gone viral in a video showing it dancing. Getty Images