'Terrified' Dog Who Hid Under Home After Being Hit by Car Rescued in Video

An animal services officer has rescued a small dog that crawled under a trailer home in Florida after being hit by a car.

Pinellas County Animal Services Officer Patrick Houck arrived on the scene on December 8, to find the injured dog cowering under the trailer home. The dog has since been named Petey.

Houck told ABC Action News: "He was terrified. Showing up there I really had no idea how I was going to get access to the dog, he was so far under this trailer, but you could shine a flashlight and see it needed help."

Pinellas County Animal Services described the events surrounding the dog's rescue in a Facebook post to their page on December 13. They wrote: "Around 8 PM on 12/8/21, Animal Services Officer, Patrick Houck received a call stating a small dog had been hit by a car in St. Petersburg & crawled under her trailer."

To get to the injured puggle—a beagle-pug crossbreed—Houck had to clear brickwork from under the trailer, ABC Action News reported.

"When Officer Houck arrived on the scene, the pup was still under the trailer. Without even questioning what to do, Patrick crawled under the trailer and managed to secure the injured pup in a net to bring him out safely," the Facebook post read.

A video of the rescue was uploaded to TikTok by user Xinaxoxo, who thanked Houck and everyone involved with the rescue.

Pinellas County Animal Services told Newsweek: "We love what we do."


Thank you to everyone involved with saving this dogs life. Also a huge thank you to Sergeant Patrick Houck of Pinellas County Animal Services.

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Pinellas County Animal Services said that following the rescue, Houck took the dog to a local Blue Pearl animal hospital. Petey had surgery at the hospital to fix a dislocated hip, ABC Action News reported.

Following this medical attention, Petey was taken to Pinellas County Animal Services animal shelter in Florida.

Pinellas County Animal Services concluded their Facebook post by praising Petey's rescuer.

They wrote: "During his career with Animal Services, Officer Houck has crawled into sewer drains, been lowered off a sea wall to rescue a dog, scooped up kittens out of ditches, and will continue to do whatever it takes to save a life.

"Officer Patrick Houck is just one example of the many heroes and animal welfare advocates at the shelter, who remain dedicated to the care of our four-legged Pinellas residents."

A stock image of a pug-beagle crossbreed, or a puggle. A puggle was rescued by Patrick Houck of Pinellas County Animal Services from under a trailer home in Florida after it was struck by a car. PhotographicD/Getty