Video: Drew Brees’ Kids Saved the 2018 Pro Bowl by Goofing Around

Drew Brees’ three young sons made the most of their time on camera at the Pro Bowl.

A sideline interview that was meant to be about Brees quickly turned into a show devoted to the Saints’ quarterback’s boys, Baylen, Callen and Bowen. As Baylen, the eldest, spoke to the camera about who he was most excited to meet in his role as ball-boy—Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry and Marshon Lattimore—Callen and Bowen began scuffling.

“It got so intense that ESPN tried to go picture-in-picture and get them out of the frame, but they would not be denied, at one point spilling onto the field,” SB Nation reported. Cutting his interview short, Baylen began remonstrating with his brothers before breaking the fight up with a sizeable shoulder-block.



Brees was then forced to do what any responsible parent would do and calm his boys down—especially since Callen actually stepped onto the field of play at one point according to SB Nation (and mimed vomiting).



Jokes about the quality of play during the Pro Bowl were pretty much inevitable in light of the Brees boys’ kerfuffle. “Like most Pro Bowls, the tackling during the AFC's 24-23 victory against the NFC was virtually non-existent—and understandably so given the injury concerns that players should have during the game,” CBS wrote. “Thankfully, Drew Brees ' kids more than made up for the lack of hard hits.”

Badoom-tish. The AFC came back from a 20-3 halftime deficit to beat the NFC 24-23. Brees completed seven of nine passes for the NFC, while Derek Carr impressed most at quarterback for the AFC. The action, though, such as it was seemed a little tame compared to the sideline scuffles. Perhaps the NFL could invite the Brees boys back as it seeks new ways to liven up the dead time between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl.