Video of Florida Doctor Urging People to Get Vaccine Viewed 3 Million Times

A video in which a Florida doctor makes an impassioned plea for people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, has gone viral online.

Dr. Fayez Ajib regularly shares videos on TikTok showcasing his experiences as an emergency medicine resident in Miami-Dade County.

Posting under the username LifeOfADoctor, Dr. Ajib's posts regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views on the social media platform.

However, a recent clip filmed shortly after Ajib finished a 12-hour shift at a South Florida hospital, has surpassed that, racking up 3 million views since it was posted on July 25.

In the clip, a visibly drained Ajib can be seen sitting in his car with his mask down.

After a shift spent seeing the worst effects of COVID-19, his message to anyone watching is simple: get vaccinated.

"So I just finished a 12-hour shift in the emergency department and it feels like COVID is back but with a vengeance," he says.

"I personally have never treated more COVID-19 patients in one shift," Ajib added.

"Almost all of the ones that were just so sick were entirely unvaccinated and some of the people that I've talked to felt like in a way they regretted their decision not to get vaccinated because they didn't think that it would be this bad."

He continued: "So if you are on the edge about getting vaccinated I would really encourage you guys to do so, because you don't know how bad it can get and you don't want to take that chance."

The video can be viewed here.


Thoughts after today’s ER shift

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Ajib's video struck a chord with many on TikTok.

Jlgemma commented: "For those who don't trust science or medicine, maybe stay out of the hospitals when you get it and tough it out on your own."

"Dr Noc, PhD," wrote: "Some people think they know better than the consensus opinion of science/medicine...until they personally witness bad covid and then it's too late."

User9180349863262 added: "I'm astounded that people think they know better than the world's best scientists and doctors. Not sarcastic, can an unvaccinated person explain this?"

Hospital admission data in undervaccinated US states. Statista

Aliciabatis, meanwhile, wrote: "I currently have delta COVID with the vaccine but so grateful because I barely have symptoms! Could've been worse if I wasn't vaccinated!!!"

Aureliamaemakeup agreed: "All of my positive COVID patients who have been vaccinated have extremely mild symptoms! Sinuys congestion, mild sore throat, body aches. Get vaxxed."

Ajib's video was posted as hospitalizations for COVID-19 continue to rise across Florida following the emergence of the Delta variant in the state.

Newsweek has reached out to Dr. Ajib for further comment.

A doctor on his phone.
A stock photo of doctor on his phone - one medic's video from life on the frontlines of the pandemic has gone viral. Vonschonertagen/Getty