Video: Florida Police Rescue Two Small Children Taken by ‘Erratic’ Mother on to House Ledge

Police in Florida have released dramatic bodycam footage showing the moment officers rescued two small children who were taken by their “erratic” mother onto a ledge of a house.

Delray Beach Police Department responded to the “precarious situation” after receiving several 911 calls on May 19 about two children who may be in danger.

When officers arrived, they quickly became aware of the “frightening scenario” after seeing a 23-year-old woman clutching onto a 1-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl on a narrow, rain-soaked ledge around 15-20 feet from the ground.

The footage shows the officers urging the woman to “just get the kids back inside, please” while assuring her that she is not in trouble.

According to a statement from the force, one of the officers in attendance, Rob Addea, immediately positioned himself under the window “ready to catch a child or the woman if necessary.”

While continuing to talk to the woman, DBPD’s Sgt. Mike Debree and Sgt. Brian Griffith entered the house and approached the window ledge. Griffith can then be heard assuring the “seemingly paranoid” woman that they are real police officers after she repeatedly asked to see their badges.

Other DBPD officers were able to open the window of the adjourning house next door so Debree could escort the visible frightened children along the ledge to awaiting officers and through the window to safety.

DPBD Delray Beach Police Department seen pleading with the woman after she took her two small children onto the narrow ledge. Delray Beach Police Department

Many praised the actions of the officers after the video was posted onto Facebook and viewed more than 40,000 times.

“Tremendous job by these officers who put their lives and safety on the line for these children. Thank you all for doing what you do on a daily basis,” Bryan Buchanan wrote.

Angela De Bree added: “That's my hero behind the badge! Outstanding job by outstanding officers! Thank goodness no one was hurt and these children were removed.”

DBPD said the woman was later committed to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act and may face criminal charges once released.

Florida’s Department of Children and Families is conducting an investigation and has since taken custody of the children.

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