'Little Spirits' Play With Toys in Mysterious Video at Haunted Texas Hotel

New paranormal activity was allegedly captured on video at a historic Texas hotel that's rumored to be haunted.

The latest surveillance footage from the 19th-century Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas—which was captured around 10 p.m. local time—claimed to show "little spirits" playing with toys in one of its rooms, according to a Facebook post by the hotel shared alongside the video.

Erin Ghedi, an author and historian who owns the hotel with her husband Jim, told Texas' KSAT: "That is our children's room where all of our little spirits enjoy playing because of all the toys."

In the May 23 Facebook post, the hotel wrote: "Yesterday our children's room was so active. We bought our little spirits two new toys and they loved them! The tiny rem pods must be fully touched to be activated, which she does. Then she rolls her ball."

The footage begins with one REM pod flashing, while a ball slowly moves around nearby. The REM pod briefly stops flashing before a second REM pod begins flashing next to it. The pair of flashing REM pods and the ball are then seen rolling towards a small table on the other side of the room.

As the ball reaches the side of a chair at the table, a shadow figure could be seen near a doorway in the left frame of the video. Around the same time, a dress on a mannequin also appears to be ruffled on the right side of the room.

The Facebook post noted: "WATCH for the shadow figure enter the room off to the top left by the doorway. This is actually something we capture frequently but the first time using the rem pods."

Ghedi thinks the spirit playing with the toys in the latest video is that of a young girl called Emma Voelcker, who was allegedly murdered in her sleep at the property back in the 1870s.

Ghedi told Texas' KSAT: "This was definitely sweet Emma because she is the one who enjoys rolling the ball.

"Emma is the little girl who was murdered in her own bedroom in 1874 while she was sleeping. Her friend Mrs. Helene Faust was also blinded in the same attack when a man, assumed to be Mrs. Faust's husband, Wilhelm Faust, struck them both with an ax," Ghedi explained.

Ghedi believes the shadow figure in the footage is the spirit of Mrs. Read, who she says watches over the children. According to the hotel's website, in 1850 Dr. William Sims Read was among the owners of the property who helped transform it into "Seguin's largest and most elegant hotel" at the time.

According to Ghedi, years later it emerged that Faust had not killed Emma or his wife. "The real murderer confessed doing it on his dying bed four years later," the hotel owner said.

She told KSAT: "Emma began showing up right after we started remodeling the hotel. Each time she would provide us with clues to help solve who the true murderer was.

"Now she has grown attached to the other children's spirits, the hotel and our, and many others', love for her which is why she comes forward so often," Ghedi alleged.

Ghedi claims to know of at least 20 spirits at the hotel, which is now a bed and breakfast hosting overnight stays and ghost tours.

Built in 1840 by one of the original Texas Rangers who fought against the Mexican Army (and Comanches) for Texas independence, the Magnolia Hotel was left abandoned in the late 1990s for 20 years, according to the hotel's website.

In 2012, it was placed on the state's list of most endangered places before restoration work on the building began in 2013, following new ownership under Ghedi.

The hotel website claims during the restoration, "the building exploded with paranormal activity causing the loss of contractors and bringing the restoration to a halt.

"The owners refused to allow the spirits to stop their progress and have grown to co-exist with the numerous spirits that still reside within the building's walls," according to the hotel.

Newsweek has contacted the Texas Association of Paranormal Investigators and the Atlantic Paranormal Society for comment.

The Haunted Hotel in Beaumont, Texas.
The Haunted Hotel attraction in Beaumont, Texas. New surveillance video captured at a Texas hotel in Seguin allegedly showed "little spirits" playing with toys. Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images