Video of Groom's Uncomfortable Reaction to Bride's Teary Hug With Ex Viewed 5M Times

A recent TikTok, ostensibly showing an awkward moment between a groom, bride, and her ex, has gone viral on the platform, amassing 3.2 million views, 77,000 likes, and over 6,000 comments since it was shared earlier this month. The uncomfortable clip has sparked a conversation among viewers about what role, if any, former spouses should play in one's nuptials.

The video, found here, was shared by the account—however, the original owner of the clip remains unknown, as do the identities of those featured. The footage, reportedly filmed in Indonesia, features on-screen text which roughly translates to: "Anyone know how the groom feels?" The caption of the video, meanwhile, reads, "The Ex."

In the video, a man is seen walking toward the seated bride. She stands, and the two appear to talk before sharing an embrace. The presumed groom, standing beside his wife, looks visibly uncomfortable and shifts his eyes away from the pair.

After they hug, the bride can be seen grabbing a tissue. She appears to dab at her eyes, suggesting that she is crying. Meanwhile, the man continues on to hug the groom, and the two exchange a few words.

The awkward scene concludes with the bride still wiping her eyes while her husband stands beside her.

The practice of inviting one's ex to a wedding remains controversial, and its appropriateness varies widely depending on a couple's individual circumstances.

​​"Some people have a friendly, supportive relationship with their ex-partner," explained etiquette expert Diane Gottsman to Martha Stewart Weddings. "If your new partner and future spouse does not have an issue, then there should be no reason to exclude a friend."

However, exes should be left uninvited to wedding festivities if all parties are not comfortable with the arrangement. "Although it may seem like you are attempting to keep the peace between everyone, it could put some or all of the parties in an uncomfortable position," noted fellow etiquette expert Elaine Swann to the same publication.

Viewers appeared to have a strong reaction to the TikTok video—and they made their opinions known in the comments section.

TikToker @christinehalan, for example, theorized that the bride's ex is actually "her soulmate"—and that the wedding was a mistake.

"If [she's] crying when she sees her ex at her wedding [then] maybe she married the wrong person," echoed @mystchild.

"I wouldn't invite my ex to my wedding out of respect to my future wife," added @tiktokacc0unt2026.

"As soon as the tears start for an ex, see you later," commented @mexicanviking0351. "Don't care how much the wedding cost. Saving money in the long run."

Bride and Groom
A groom's reaction to his new bride sharing a teary hug with her ex sparked an online discussion about inviting former partners to a wedding. A bride and groom posing for wedding photos in Central Park, New York City. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images