The scene at a Minnesota McDonald's could've turned out a lot worse than it did on Tuesday. In a video tweeted by someone called StanceGrounded, it shows a group of younger people confronting an older white man, who appears to be backing his way out of the store.

Then, panic can be heard from the young crowd when they say the man has a gun.

"He has a gun, he has a gun," the people shouted.

One store worker appears and wags his finger at the remaining crowd in the store saying, "Everybody out. Everybody out."

The store manager then came out and screamed at everyone with some expletives laced in there.

"I want everyone out of my store, now," she yelled.

When a girl whose head was covered shouted, "He has a gun," the manager shouted, "I don't give a f***. Get out now."

A white male standing by shouted at the manager she shouldn't send them all out there when he just pulled a gun on them.

"I want everyone out of my store right now," the store manager repeated.

The patrons suggested to the manager she could call the cops and let the youngsters remain in the store. At that moment, the manager is seen walking back behind the register as the video ends.

There are no details yet on what instigated the event, as the man clearly looked outnumbered.

But that didn't slow down social media per these comments.