Video of 'Hero' Amazon Driver Killing Massive Spider Viewed 9 Million Times

One TikToker had a creative way of dealing with a scary spider that had invaded her front porch—by asking her Amazon delivery driver to deal with it instead. As many noted, the employee went far beyond the requirements of his job, getting rid of the treacherous creature and impressing viewers in the process.

The incident, posted to TikTok on Wednesday by user @gwenniesanchez, begins with the customer, known only as Gwen, typing additional instructions for her Amazon delivery into the company's app. "There is a huge spider on my front porch who is refusing to leave and I'm too scared to go out my front door," reads the note. "If you could kill the spider for me that would be amazing. Thank you!" The clip then shows the giant spider crawling over the lens of Gwen's doorbell camera.

Soon, the Amazon delivery driver is shown approaching the front door of the residence, as captured by the doorbell camera. He appears to spot the spider, takes off his shoe, and promptly swats the arachnid to the ground, presumably killing it.

So far, the video has been viewed over 9.8 million times, with over 2 million likes. Gwen, who lives "deep in the heart of Texas," is now searching for the "heroic" Amazon employee. "Help me find this driver so I can thank him!" reads her caption to the video.

Meanwhile, viewers, appalled by the spider's monstrous size, are hailing the delivery driver as a "hero."

"He deserves a 1 billion dollar bonus," wrote one commenter.

Others joked the incident was a testament to Amazon's "unmatched" customer service, or that spider-killing was a benefit exclusive to Prime members.

In a follow-up video, Gwen wrote, "I have another package coming today and I left him a note! Let's see what happens." Footage of the note, left on her doorstep, reads, "Hello Amazon! Thank you for killing the spider yesterday! You are actually TikTok famous now... The people of TikTok want to know: 1. Are you single? 2. What's your Venmo?"

Unfortunately, the video revealed the Amazon driver in question was not the person who delivered Gwen's package that day. Still, she remains hopeful he will return and see her note. "I ordered a few more things for delivery tomorrow," she wrote in the comments. "Hopefully it's Amazon delivery."


Reply to @gwenniesanchez Part 2? It was not Amazon 😭 I ordered some more stuff so stay tuned #spider #RIP #amazon #amazonfinds #quarentineproblems

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The comments on Gwen's initial video, many of which remarked that the Amazon driver "[doesn't] get paid enough" for his noble act and "[deserves] a raise," seem to allude to the ever-present controversy swirling around Amazon's labor practices.

In late June, The International Brotherhood of Teamsters—a union that represents over 1.4 million delivery drivers—voted to officially support the unionization of Amazon workers. Meanwhile, the company's delivery drivers are finding subtle ways to protest unfair and unsafe working conditions: instead of delivering packages with the signature, smiling arrow facing upwards, they are leaving boxes upside down, turning the smile into a frown.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @gwenniesanchez for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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A TikToker is searching for a "hero" Amazon delivery driver after he killed a spider in her doorway for her. Amazon packages placed at a customer's doorstep, December 2020. Chesnot/Getty Images