Watch: Hundreds of Luxury Cars Destroyed in Massive Fire at Italian Seaport

In a scene to make car lovers sweep, hundreds of brand new luxury cars went up in flames while they were waiting to be shipped overseas.

Maseratis, which often cost more than $100,000 each, were among the vehicles being stored at the seaport in the Italian city of Savona, Liguria.

But Italy has been buffeted by bad weather, and floodwaters brought on by a severe storm gushed through the port and inundated the vehicles.

GettyImages-461492656 A Maserati is covered at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 2, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. Maseratis were among hundreds of luxury cars destroyed by fire at a port in Italy. Harold Cunningham/Getty Image

The Local reported that salt from the seawater triggered battery explosions, sparking fires that engulfed the vehicles within a matter of seconds. Trucks and other brands were among the vehicles which were due to be exported to the Middle East.

The entire port was enveloped in smoke and video shows the flames and the cars’ alarms going off amid a scene of devastation. No one was injured but the port remains closed and the aftermath shows the skeletons of the expensive cars.

It is the second blaze to hit the port in a week, after a fire destroyed the city's port authority building on October 23. No one was injured, but 14 teams of firefighters were required to extinguish it.

The storm also destroyed a quay at the port as strong winds, rain and high waves continue to batter parts of Italy, leaving nine people across the country dead and one missing. Winds of up to 110 mph have been recorded.

The region of Liguria remains under red alert with more extreme weather expected. The rising waters have affected other areas of the country, such as Venice, parts of which are submerged by up to 61 inches of water.

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