Video of 'Incomprehensible' NYC Apartment Goes Viral for Odd Layout

A New York City apartment has recently gone viral for its odd layout.

Self-proclaimed "rental pro," Rent New York (@rentnewyork), posted a TikTok video earlier this week of an available apartment with a rather unusual layout. The video captioned "my head is hurting" has more than 8 million views, and has received more than 1 million likes.

"Tell me you don't know how to make a layout, without telling me you don't know how to make a layout," the creator says as they step into the apartment.

"I'll go first," they continue as they step inside to give viewers a complete tour.

To get to the main area, a renter has to first walk through a long maze-like hallway that ends with an out-of-place brownstone wall. They are then greeted by another small wall before stepping into the combined kitchen and living area which is very, well, angular.

"Don't worry, it gets better," they say in jest as they take the viewer toward the bathroom and bedroom area.

They intentionally make it a point to "run into" several different walls to show that all the bedrooms are triangular and small.

In the comments section, the creator shared that the Washington Heights apartment costs $2,950 per month.

Of course, viewers couldn't help but make jokes about the apartment's layout.

"Someone said they wanted 'a cute compartment,' and the designer heard 'acute apartment,'" joked Jill.

"Why have 9 walls when you can have 37," commented another TikToker.

Caitlin commented: "Every time you think there's a big room coming ... ANGLED WALL."

Popular TikToker KallMeKris compared the apartment to the maze in Harry Potter, prompting Rent New York to make a follow-up video, in which everything is the same, except the video's sound, which has been changed to a Harry Potter mashup with music and multiple quotes from the movies.

"It's just in my head," says Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter as the creator steps foot into the entryway.

"You both realize of course," says Richard Harris's Dumbledore, "that in the past few hours, you have broken perhaps a dozen school rules...and that it is sufficient that I should have you both expelled...," the dialogue continues.

The creator captioned the follow-up video: "Landlord needs to be expelled ... how many rules have been broken?"

In the comments section of the the original video, a couple of commenters tried to imagine what it would be like to actually live there.

"Imagine trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night and running into 15 different walls," joked Ronnie.

"Imagine coming home drunk and trying to find your room," quipped another.

Many compared the apartment to virtual structures they'd build in The Sims, while others compared it to a gerrymandered political district.

"Is this an apartment or a congressional district?" asked one TikToker.

All jokes aside, almost everyone agreed that the apartment was not at all functional.

"It's so incomprehensible it's almost artistic," said Aaron.

Okay, maybe not all jokes aside.

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In a video that has been viewed 8 million times, a New York City apartment recently went viral for its odd layout. Above is a stock image of an NYC apartment building. Travel Wild/iStock