Video: John Lewis Christmas Advert Kicks Off Festive Season

The British department store John Lewis has released its highly anticipated Christmas advert for this year.

The advert, titled "Man on the Moon", features a young girl called Lily who spends her time staring through a telescope at an elderly man who lives alone on the moon. She tries to contact him but to no avail before she eventually sends him a present—a telescope—attached to some helium balloons. The advert ends with the slogan: "Show someone they're loved this Christmas."

The company is hoping its high-profile campaign will help to raise thousands of pounds for the charity Age U.K., and profits from three products related to the advert—a mug, gift tag and card—will go to the charity. The advert itself cost £1 million ($1.5 million) to make and the retailer has spent £7 million ($10.6 million) in total on its Christmas campaign, according to the Guardian newspaper.

"The charity really resounds with people at this time of year, and the ad...lends itself to thinking about someone who lives on your street that might not see anybody," said the store's head of marketing.

The advert is accompanied by a version of the Oasis song "Half the World Away," covered by Aurora, a 19-year-old Norwegian singer.

Past John Lewis Christmas adverts have proved incredibly popular. Last year's offering, featuring a young boy and an animated penguin, received 22 million views on YouTube.

Other companies that have already released their Christmas adverts include Burberry, Boots and Marks and Spencer.