Video Shows 'Jumanji' House Where Plants Are Growing Out of the Walls

A tenant has revealed he's watering a plant which is growing out of the wall in his house which he's compared to a scene from Jumanji—and he's yet to tell the landlord.

Renter 2016tigerbear shared a clip to TikTok, showing the "tree" which had sprouted from the skirting board.

He uploaded the clip on Sunday, saying: "Day 14 of not telling our landlord about this plant growing through the baseboard."

The plant appears to be thriving, as it has numerous leaves on its stalk, which is extending into the room, thought to be the kitchen.

And making sure it grows big and luscious, the tenant filmed himself pouring some water from a bottle on the baseboard of the home, thought to be in Florida.

He added the hashtag "Jumanji challenge," referencing the popular films— the first released in 1995, the remake in 2017 and the sequel in 2019.

In the original, starring Robin Williams, the magical board game which sucks people inside, and expels dangerous plants and animals, sees an invasive plant envelop the house with its vines and flowers.

The game announces their arrival with the rhyme: "They grow much faster than bamboo, take care or they'll come after you."

The hashtag is currently trending on TikTok as people pretend to have been sucked into the game, although 2016tigerbear seems to be living it for real.

He previously shared a video at the end of last month, after first discovering the growth.

He claimed he was looking for food in the fridge, when he spied the shoot coming out the wall.

"Random tree growing out the baseboard. It's grown a friend," he captioned the video, referring to a second leaf that appeared.

Hundreds of thousands of people watched the video, claiming the growth could lead to serious structural problems.

Sa Goon pointed out: "FYI, you're recording evidence of water damage. Be careful because petty landlords hire PI's and they check social media."

"Day 14 of how to get mold on the inside of walls," Shaddoll_Zoi joked.

Leah Gilreath suggested: "You should tell him, 99% chance he won't do anything but then he can't get mad at you for not telling him."

Idiot_Chickens fumed: "As a home owner, this infuriates me."

While Emily Cummings wrote: "Just let them know, that's really bad for the foundation and could cause serious safety issues for you guys."

The renter later uploaded a follow-up video on Tuesday as he tracked down the source of the roots, while he indicated he may have finally let his landlord know.

Filming undergrowth outside the house, he said: "Day 16 we found where the plant snuck between the foundation and the wall. Right here. The landlord knows the issue so they ask you to keep your AC on 68 or 69 to limit moisture which we do."

And zooming in on a docked branch inside the house, he claimed: "We noticed it had been cut down before."

Numerous people speculated over what the plant was, with commenters suggesting it was invasive knotweed, while others thought morning glory or bindweed.

Newsweek reached out to 2016tigerbear for comment.

Grab from the 1995 film Jumanji
A screenshot from the 1995 film Jumanji, starring Robin Williams. A man has revealed a plant is growing out of the wall in his rented house. TriStar Pictures

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