Watch: Videos Show Los Angeles Fires Spread, Burn and Terrorize Southern California

Massive wildfires have forced more than 100,000 Southern California residents to evacuate their homes as several infernos have spread rapidly across the region. Multiple fires raged Thursday, and officials feared the previously calmer winds would pick up, spreading the blaze and causing even more damage, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Officials have closed a minimum of 265 schools in the Los Angeles area as winds reached 50 miles per hour, and local fire department officials warned of the risk of the fires spreading in different directions.

According to the L.A. Times, the fire has been “five percent contained,” and home evacuations spread across 20 square miles. All told, 30 homes and 12,605 acres of land have been destroyed since the blaze began Monday evening.

Photos and videos of the blaze have spread across Twitter, showing the devastation inflicted, including shots from different vantage points across the affected area and even heroic acts by residents.

One video of a man helping a wild rabbit out of a fire went viral.

Others showed a brush fire near the Getty Center in the Sepulveda Pass that destroyed at least four homes and 11 other structures, according to local ABC affiliate KABC. The 405 freeway was closed off but later reopened.

Drivers on the road could see massive flames and mini explosions along the hills.

Similar clips showed Ventura County, along the 101 highway, also engulfed in flames.

Commuters caught the huge plumes of smoke.

Another clip showed an electrical transformer surrounded by flames in Santa Paula, located just north of Los Angeles.

Commuters also showed the wealthy neighborhood of Bel-Air covered in flames. The fires passed Bel-Air Canyon and destroyed four homes and damaged 11 others, including one owned by billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, according to the L.A. Times.

Aerial videos depicted the massive breadth of the fires. So far over 100,000 acres of Southern California have burned.