Video Shows LAPD Officer Launching a Foam Projectile at Protester's Groin

The Los Angeles Police Department has released a video that shows an officer shooting a protester in the groin with a foam projectile at a demonstration on June 2.

Body-worn cameras recorded the incident at a protest in Hollywood following the death of George Floyd. The footage was released on Friday.

Protester Ben Montemayor was holding a sign saying "Defund the Police" with a friend. An LAPD officer grabbed the sign and pushed Montemayor's friend to the ground, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Montemayor told the The Times at the time that when he went to help his friend up, he felt a pain in groin and realized he'd been shot. One of his testicles swelled to twice its normal size, while the other was also injured.

Montemayor said that he underwent emergency surgery at a nearby hospital to save his testicles and his ability to have children.

The LAPD has launched an internal investigation into its use of force. The apparent shooting is one of numerous incidents involving LAPD's approach to the protests that have garnered criticism.

Protests have continued throughout the country as those supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have taken to the streets to demand racial equality and an end to police brutality.

Department of Homeland Security officers reportedly used teargas and stun grenades against protesters in Portland, Oregon, on Friday night, declaring a march to a local ICE building an unlawful assembly.

Los Angeles has recently been rocked by the shooting of two sheriff's department deputies in their car. The officers suffered multiple gunshot wounds while sitting in their patrol car in Compton on September 12.

Some protesters went to the hospital where the deputies were being treated and shouted "kill the police," according to video of the incident. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti condemned the protesters.

"There's no place in civilized society for anybody to draw an arm and to shoot our law enforcement officers that put their lives on the line," Garcetti said. "And I won't ever let a couple voices that not only are uncalled for, but it's abhorrent to say something like that when we have two deputies, who are sheriff's deputies, in grave condition."

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden both condemned the shooting. Protests are set to continue as the election approaches.

Supporters of Black Lives Matter in LA
Supporters of Black Lives Matter, march outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters as they demonstrate against the death of George Floyd, in Los Angeles, on June 7. Mark RALSTON / AFP/Getty Images