VIDEO: Macaulay Culkin, Google Commercial Shows 'Home Alone's' Kevin McCallister as an Adult

If you've ever wondered what Kevin McCallister would be like as an adult, Google's got you covered.

On Wednesday, actor Macaulay Culkin, 38, reprised his role as McCallister from the iconic "Home Alone" series in a new Google Assistant advertising campaign.

"#heygoogle Have you ever wondered what Kevin McCallister is like as an adult? Me neither. But just in case you're curious you should totally watch this #ad," Culkin tweeted.

The advertisement recreated several iconic scenes from the holiday classic, which begins with Culkin waking up home alone once again and asking Google what's on his calendar.

"You have the house to yourself," the virtual assistant replies.

Culkin then goes through his day similar to his character 28 year ago, which includes attempting to put on after shave -- although this time the bottle is empty -- and jumping on the bed, to which he commands Google, "remind me to clean these sheets later," before clenching his lower back in pain.

Naturally, he also ordered a pizza and had Google Assistant answer the doorbell through an intercom, which included playing the line "Keep the change, you filthy animal" in the background from the fictitious gangster movie "Filthy Souls" -- as originally featured in "Home Alone" -- in response to the delivery man.

The commercial then shows a suspicious van pulling up to the McCallister house, presumably driven by the villainous characters Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), although never shown in the advertisement.

Culkin tells Google to "begin operation Kevin," which includes locking the doors, turning on lights, igniting the fireplace and having both manequins and a cardboard cutout -- although this time Kevin Durant instead of Michael Jordan -- moving in the window to scare off the burglars.

The advertisement quickly went viral and was shared through numerous social media platforms on Wednesday, which shouldn't be surprising. According to CNET reports, search interest for "Home Alone" increased 1,900 percent last Christmas, meaning nostalgic fans are still enamored with the film -- especially around the holiday season -- nearly 30 years later.

"Home Alone" was released in 1990 when Culkin was 10 years old. He is considered the most famous child actor of the '90s, starring in two "Home Alone" sequels, as well as "My Girl" (1991), "The Good Son" (1993) and "Ri¢hie Ri¢h" (1994).

Culkin stopped acting in 1994, but made his return in 2003 with a role on the television show Will and Grace and the film "Party Monster." He will also star in the upcoming movie "Changeland," which is currently in post-production.