Video of Man Finding Out His Family Member Will Donate Kidney Viewed Over 10 Million Times

In an emotional TikTok video, a woman tells a family member that she is going to be his kidney donor. The video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, touched the hearts of many commenters, who had nothing but love for the family.

The TikTok was first posted over the weekend by Alyssa Lalmond. The video shows her mom, Carrie, tell her brother's father-in-law, Bob, that she is going to be his kidney donor.

"My mom kept a special secret for over a year," said Lalonde in the video's caption. "I'm so amazed with how thoughtful she is. I'm beyond proud to be her daughter."

At the beginning of the video, Carrie tells the camera: "I'm about to tell Bob I'm his kidney donor." Next, Carrie is seen dancing outside a home with a sign that reads "I'm your donor."

In the next shot, Bob and other family members step outside and immediately break down once the message on Carrie's sign sinks in.

"Oh my god," shouts a woman who appears to be Bob's wife. "Go, go, go, honey," she says to Bob as she ushers him to Carrie. He's already crying and at a loss for words.

When the two embrace, he begins to cry harder. After a moment, he tells her: "You don't know what this means to me. Thank you so much."

Many commenters were touched by the video and took the time to express their love for Bob and Carrie.

"I'm sobbing," commented the popular Jettsett Farmhouse account. "So excited for Bob!"

"Your mom is incredible," commented actress Shelby Young.

Beauty vlogger KathleenLights added: "Wow this is such a beautiful moment ... really incredible, thanks for sharing."

In response to the outpouring of support, Lalmond posted a follow-up TikTok providing more context to the original video.

In that video titled "Story Time," she explained her mother started testing to receive approval to become a donor over a year ago. Not wanting to raise hopes, Lalmond and her mother Carrie kept the testing a secret, until she was finally approved last week.

"We're so grateful that it's working out, and we're hoping the surgery will be scheduled for next month at some point," she said in the follow-up.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, potential donors are evaluated to ensure that they are healthy enough to donate a kidney. The process is intensive and includes a financial consultation, a psychological evaluation and "extensive" medical testing.

The psychological evaluation ensures a donor is able to make an informed decision and is not being pressured by friends or family. The evaluation also ensures a donor understands the process and the potential risks involved.

Medical tests include a physical examination, chest X-ray and electrocardiogram, and cancer screening, among others. Compatibility tests and blood typing will also be performed.

For Carrie to have completed all these tests and be given the all-clear to donate to Bob is a pretty big deal.

"This has been just amazing [and] overwhelming for my family," said Lalond in the follow-up video. "[M]y mom just wanted to show people that if you have a chance to donate, you should do it, because you're potentially saving a life or helping to extend somebody's for the better and it's just an amazing gift."

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In an emotional viral TikTok video, a woman tells a family member that she is going to be his kidney donor. Potential donors are evaluated to ensure that they are healthy enough to donate a kidney, according to the National Kidney Foundation. OJO_Images/iStock