Heartwarming Video of Man Helping Blind Friends Grocery Shopping Goes Viral: 'So Sweet'

Charitable TikTok user Frank_in_Houston has triggered thousands of warm wishes for his videos documenting how he helps his visually impaired friends.

One of Frank's latest videos, uploaded at the beginning of November to record his philanthropy, has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Frank is seen knocking on a front door while a voice narrates: "First I pick up Adair" and the overlaid text states: "Picking up my line friends for grocery shopping."

While the pair make small talk as they get ready to go out, elderly gentleman Adair is described in inserted text as "Such a sweet, beautiful guy."

In one touching scene, Frank's right hand is seen folding the collar of Adair's polo shirt correctly, a gesture one top-rated comment described as illustrating Frank as being a "real genuine person."

The clip then cuts to the charitable man's next scheduled stop to a man the video describes as "my blind friend Angelo."

Frank is again heard talking informally to this middle-aged, visually impaired man as he feels his way downstairs, before "this pure innocent man" greets his "buddy" Adair in the back of Frank's waiting car.

The trio is then seen walking through a parking lot, with the two blind men kept safe by holding on to the back of a shopping cart, which is guided by Frank walking at the front.

The video can also be seen here.

In the second part of the heartwarming self-shot short documentary, Frank is heard explaining: "It is easier to share a cart, plus they can talk to each other."

Once inside, Frank then collects bananas for Angelo and is later being asked to pick-up items including sandwich meat for Adair.

As the second half of the footage draws to the end, Adair is seen delivering a joke to his younger friend Angelo.

He mischievously asks Angelo: "Why do fish live in salt water?," to which he replies: "Because pepper makes them sneeze."

Newsweek has contacted Frank for comment on his charitable work with Angelo, Adair and many others in the state of Texas, who are seen in earlier videos roller-skating, visiting a hair salon and attending church.

The two-part video is among more than 100 similar ones uploaded to TikTok, and has attracted more than 14,000 comments, with many praising both Frank's altruism and his friends' characters.

TikTok user Hannah wrote: "The 'Hey buddy, you ready?' has sent me over the edge. Sobbing. Such sweet, beautiful humans."

And User8245751819702 appeared to agree, writing: "Not me sitting here crying [puppy dog eyes emoji] This is so sweet ... you just got a new follower."

Referring to the numerous links to the ways viewers can donate to Frank's charitable work, TikTok user Jack Caserta added: "Sent you some money on cash app for you and the gang. You're such a kind person. Much Love."

Frank replies: "Got it brother, This will help me pay for Angelo's birthday this Tuesday night!"

Norma Crosby, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Texas, a charity unaffiliated with Frank's work, told Newsweek in a statement: "I absolutely think volunteers who are willing to spend time helping blind people who don't have access to quality transportation services are great.

"I also think we should spend more time talking about how blind people who live in areas where transportation is available should have access to quality training so they can utilize those services more effectively."

Blind Friends Grocery Shopping
Charitable TikTok user Frank_in_Houston has triggered thousands of warm wishes for his videos documenting how he helps his visually impaired friends Motortion/Getty Images