Video of Man Working Out in Flooded Gym From Hurricane Ida Goes Viral

For many fitness fanatics there are no rest days. Even, as one man on TikTok has showcased, if your gym has been flooded because of a hurricane.

In footage posted to the app on September 2, you can see bodybuilder Tommy James, known on the app as Fathergainz, lifting a heavy barbell weight surrounded by flood water.

U.S.-based James filmed the clip, which has already amassed 3.4 million views, at an undisclosed location. However, is most likely to be in the northeast, as New York, New Jersey, Louisiana and Virginia are suffering from flooding as a result of Hurricane Ida.

At least 48 people have tragically died due to dangerous flooding as the hurricane's remnants brought record levels of rain.

James was able to provide light relief from the devastation by posting his video. It starts with him throwing a weightlifting bench into a flooded outdoor gym area, before diving into the water.

Text overlaying the video, which can be watched here, reads: "Hurricanes are a choice. Thee who braves the storms and rains shall live in prosperity with the greatest gainz."

He then lies on the bench and begins bench-pressing a large weighted barbell, his legs in the water and with rain falling down upon him.

The text states: "Hit maxes evades taxes."

James captioned the video, writing: "Y'all get flooded too? #deadlift #baseballboys #bodybuilder #greeklife #hurricaneida."

The impressive video has gone viral online and surpassed 598,900 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the man's workout.

One TikTok user, Bryson, wrote: "The adrenaline that is probably flowing through this man."

Another person, Justin Berry, added: "I guess you could say he has a fighting spirit."

T-Breezy joked: "bro your supposed to struggle I believe? What are you doing?"

Ok Cron Stan exclaimed: "Imagine repping 225 in a hurricane!"

Michalwaltos typed: "So much testosterone in this short video it is nuts."

Nathaivy Yep warned: Them alligators lurking be careful."

David Schroer stated: "Hoping there was no backed up sewage in that water."

Mr. Sizzle revealed: "Going to show my kids this TikTok when the 2021 history textbooks drop."

Collin Reynolds commented: "Water is probably contaminated and really not good for you so I wish this guy well. Good luck."

However, weightlifting is not the only surprising activity that has been carried out by people during the current floods.

In one video online a man can be seen lying on an inflatable raft smoking a hookah in a waterlogged alleyway.

Newsweek contacted James for comment.

Man weightlifting
A file photo of a man about to lift weights. On TikTok, one man was filmed bench-pressing in a flooded area. Getty Images

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