Video of McDonald's Struggling to Cope With Large Food Order Sparks Debate

A TikTok video of a McDonald's struggling to find drivers to deliver a mountain of food has gone viral online, sparking a debate about the ease of ordering food from the chain.

In a clip shared to the app by an account called Contravolta123_ on September 20, you can see the counter at a fast food outlet in the U.K. covered in meals ready to be delivered.

The many paper bags full of food are on every inch of the space available behind the Perspex glass, and the text overlaying the footage reads: "This is what happens when you take 45 minutes to make 1 order and no drivers want to collect."

The footage, which can be viewed here, has gained lots of traction online, having been watched by 514,300 people and attracting 28,700 likes.

Many people also took to the comments section to air their concerns about how the McDonald's home delivery option, which began in 2017 via Uber Eats, can cause such problems.

One TikTok user, Alan Barnes863, wrote: "Worst thing to happen to Maccies was getting 3rd parties in to deliver."

Another person, Laura, added: "Problem is that even if the drivers do accept the order it's stone cold and the customer blames the driver."

Damien Cordner typed: "McDonald's is broken no. Twin drive-thrus, table service, click and collect, Uber and instore orders yet the kitchen is the same size."

Maya Wilson shared: "I waited 2 hours for McDonald's on Uber Eats just for them to cancel my order, 2 hours."

Berto MacDonald opined that Uber Eat's policy of paying drivers for each delivery was causing the issue, writing: "As I say hire their own drivers and they won't mind waiting. This pay per delivery doesn't work for anyone."

Some people claiming to be drivers for Uber also shared that they didn't willingly accept delivery orders from McDonald's.

An account by the name of Porridge explained: "As a delivery driver I purposefully never accept McDonald's orders. They never tip well enough and always waste your time."

Azlo also revealed: "As an Uber driver I hate delivering for McDonald's it's the worse place. Long wait time and bad service I avoid as much as possible."

Adrian Greaves agreed, writing: "I stopped pick up from McDonald's on busy nights it's not worth it."

Squirrrrrrrtt remarked: "Always decline McDonald's order, they're rude and always make the driver wait 30 minutes."

Newsweek have contacted McDonald's for comment.

A sign outside of a McDonald's restaurant on February 9, 2009, in San Francisco, California. A video on TikTok has sparked debate after showing a backlog of McDonald's food waiting to be delivered. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images