Video: Racist Man Tells Jack in the Box Worker He'll 'Buy Her a Ticket Back to Mexico' in Dispute Over Free Burger

A man in Texas told a Jack in the Box employee he would “buy her a ticket back to Mexico” after she refused to exchange his coupon for a free burger.

In a dispute about the coupon, the Texas man appeared to launch a racist tirade against one of the store’s employees at a restaurant on Highway 6 in Manvel, asking her name before telling her she was going to be fired.

“Hey, you are going to get fired,” the man was caught on camera telling the female employee after she reportedly did not honor his coupon for a free hamburger.

2012-02-21T120000Z_2067902379_GM1E82M0AV201_RTRMADP_3_USA Photo of a Jack in the Box restaurant. An employee at a Texas store was verbally abused over a free hamburger. Reuters

“Goodbye Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico,” he added, leaving the counter following the altercation with the employee.

The incident was filmed by another customer who shared the footage to Facebook and said that she had been at the fast food restaurant with her young child, who had been frightened by the altercation, ABC 11 reported.

“Omg ! Never thought I’d experience Racism so close .:: Jack in the box Highway 6 and 288...,” a customer wrote, sharing the footage to the social media site.

In the footage, the man can be seen pointing at the employee, who called the shift manager for help when the man began complaining, the Daily Mail reported.

“Buy a bus ticket back to wherever you came from… I’m going to get you fired,” the man can be heard telling the Jack in the Box employee in the footage, which was shared to Facebook on Saturday and already has more than 82,000 views.

Asked what happened by the duty manager, the man said: “We came here to order here, she told me son ‘no,’ she lied her ass off, she thought she could get away with it,” in what appears to be a reference to the dispute over the free hamburger.

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