Video: Raptors’ Kyle Lowry Sinks Absurdly Beautiful Three Pointer Against Hornets

Admittedly there is some stiff competition around in the NBA this year. But on nights like Wednesday it’s hard to argue against Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan as the most dynamic and entertaining backcourt duo of them all.

Lowry and DeRozan combined for 66 points in the Toronto Raptors’ 126-113 win over the Charlotte Hornets at Air Canada Centre—a game that was closer than it had any right to be after the Raptors dozed off at the start of the second half, drawing the ire of head coach Dwane Casey. “We’ve got to fix it [Toronto’s slow start to third quarters],” Casey told the Toronto Star. “We talked about it. Other than start five other people, I don’t know what to do.”

A team with lesser individual talents than Lowry and DeRozan might have let the Hornets take over and win the game. But the point guard made eight of 11 three-pointers in a 36-point night and DeRozan scored 30 and added four rebounds and six assists. Lowry continued to rebound impressively, especially for a six-foot-one guard, with five, as the Raptors closed the game out to move to 13-7.

In a comprehensive piece listing the NBA’s best backcourts before the 2017 season began, Bleacher Report put the Raptors’ duo fourth best with the following caveat. “Maybe DeRozan will finally become a deft three-point shooter,” Adam Fromal wrote. “Maybe he won't keep pounding the air out of the rock while trying to set himself up for a mid-range jumper.” Well, DeRozan is still an elite scorer and bad from three-point range. He only tried two of them against the Hornets and missed both.

But when Lowry can do it, and when he’s sinking threes himself, it doesn’t really matter—DeRozan can slash and drive to the basket to his heart’s content. The Raptors’ Twitter account certainly seemed pleased with this beautiful Lowry three-pointer, hit as time expired at the end of the second quarter.

Can Lowry and DeRozan finally drag Toronto to some tangible playoff success? It’s too early to say. But night after regular-season night, they provide a ton of entertainment for the neutral.