Video: RNC Releases Anti-Hillary Clinton 'Infomercial'

1-8-15 Hillary
The website “Poor Hillary Clinton” is funded by the Republican National Committee.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) wants to get ahead of Hillary Clinton's potential campaign for president. Though the former first lady has yet to announce her candidacy, on Thursday the RNC released an anti-Hillary video.

The "infomercial" was posted on—a site paid for by the RNC, though "not authorized by any candidate or any candidate's committee"—and bashes Clinton for her high speaker's fees and list of demands.

"Hillary Clinton may claim she's 'dead broke,' but she earns more in one speech than nearly 90% of all Americans earn in an entire year," the post introducing the video reads. "From charging cash-strapped universities to riding on chartered jets and demanding crudités in her hold room…'poor' Hillary is just out of touch."

The website—with the tagline "It's a hard knock life…"—features infographics and videos meant to knock the Clintons, particularly Hillary. It includes a link to a petition to "Keep the Clintons Out of the White House…Again." Below, the petition reads:

Bill and Hillary Clinton will say and do anything to win.

Personal accounts of their campaigns reveal excessive infighting, warring camps and ruthless politics. The Clinton Machine even has a political "hit-list."

Scandals and controversies follow the Clintons — the ultimate Washington Establishment.

Send a clear message today: we don't want the Clintons back in the White House.

To date, 8,400 people have signed the petition online.

1-8-15 RNC infographic 1
"One million, five hundred sixteen thousand, two hundred and twenty one dollars. That’s how much candidates dished out to fly the Clintons to campaign for them across the country last year… and most of them lost. Seems like a pretty bad investment," reads the description of this infographic posted on
1-8-15 RNC infographic 2
"The SIX most lavish demands Hillary makes that show just how out of touch she is," reads the introduction to this infographic on