Video of Service Dog's Impressive Life-changing Skills Amazes Internet

A video of a woman showcasing her service dogs impressive skills has gone viral online, attracting more than 526,000 views.

The footage was shared to TikTok by Erin Novakowski, a motorized wheelchair user who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

In the video, posted on September 19, Novakowski, who is wearing fishnet tights and has bright pink hair, explains: "This is my service dog Gevin, so I thought I'd show you some of what he can do."

The video, which can be watched here, then cuts to the 19-year-old showing the "one he does most for me" which is putting her elbow back on the armrest if it falls off.

The golden Labrador uses his nose to nudge the woman's elbow back into place.

The university student and writer also shared how the doting pooch is able to reposition her arm, as well as collect her keys when she drops them.

The video also reveals that Gevin is adept at opening doors, and pulling down her sleeve upon command.

Novakowski finishes the video by telling viewers that: "He's a very good boy and I love him very much.


wanted to show off some of gevin’s skillz bc he is a smart boy hehehe #servicedog #mobilityservicedog #swag #swagmoney #faxnoprinter

♬ original sound - 🕊 erin 🕊

"He gives me independence. Basically, because of him, I am able to stay home alone and get around and in case of the emergency I can get out of the door and he can pick up the phone if I drop it. That's what he does."

Novakowski, captioned the video, writing: "Wanted to show off some of Gevin's skillz because he is smart boy hehehe #servicedog #mobilityservicedog #swag #swagmoney #faxnoprinter."

The impressive footage has gained a lot of attention online, having been liked 145,000 times.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their views on the dog's work.

One person, Calvyn, wrote: "Thank you for your service Gevin."

Another person, Jocey, added: "The way he politely waits for his time to shine at the beginning."

Latisha Shuff gushed: "Gevin is a true American hero and I salute him."

Z exclaimed: "Wow, I know service dogs are amazing but seeing all the ways he supports you is so impressive! What a champ."

Grace shared: "My mom raises litters of to-be service dogs. It's so nice see them placed. Gevin and you seem like a perfect match!"

Jacob Forster stated: "Thank you for your service Gevin! What an amazingly good boy helping out with all the tasks. Stuff like this always makes me smile!"

Jory & Max commented: "Thank you for your service Gevin. Also your makeup is looking especially good today bestie."

Bully asked: "Does he do tasks without treats? He's a very good boy but I didn't know some service dogs got treats for doing tasks."

To this, Erin responded: "Yes! It's just that we've only been working together for about 2 months so we're still very much in the training phase."

Newsweek has reached out to Novakowski for comment.

White Labrador in a garden
Stock image of a Labrador. In a viral video a wheelchair user showcased her dogs very impressive skills. Getty Images