Video Showing Flies in Starbucks Display Case Sparks Debate: 'I Would Run'

A TikTok video allegedly showing flies in a Starbucks food display case has spurred debate on the internet.

The now-viral video has been viewed 3 million times with over 900,000 likes. The content was shared on February 6 by TikToker @hollywood.flix. The post is captioned: "#Starbucks? I only know of StarBugs #bugs."

The five-second clip accompanied by music started with a look at a cake pop in a glass display case. A fly could be seen on it, and other food items were also in the case.

More flies were shown, with one on the counter while the TikToker panned the video to show a pastry with numerous flies on it moving around.

According to, flies can spend time in the waste of animals and plants. Within the waste, there can be pathogens and parasites. Flies also leave their feces on food as well as vomit.

Seeing a fly on food doesn't necessarily mean you have to throw it out, and a single fly landing on food isn't enough to cause illness in a healthy person.

Close-up of fly
A video allegedly showing flies in a Starbucks display case has caused a debate. Here, a close-up of a housefly. PHOTOINTRIGUE/GETTY

The video creator added, "Some places will serve display items last, so you never know. I've seen places serve donuts and cookies when bugs were on it. Customer safety first."

A debate ensued in the comments about whether the food in the case is actually sold, as well other issues.

One TikToker thinks that just because the food isn't served "doesn't make bugs everywhere OK. More than likely they're where the real food is too."

Another viewer alleged they had previously worked at Starbucks, and "it's basically impossible to keep flies out of the case, however, your food is very safe lmao."

Some people said the food in the display case doesn't get served to people. "They don't give those to you, it's just for display," a viewer pointed out.

However, one TikToker disagreed. "Is everyone good in these comments? What Starbucks are you going to that they don't serve you out of those?"

An alleged Starbucks worker said, "I think I can speak for all Starbucks workers, we're trying our best to get rid of them, it's a hard job."

Another TikToker agreed, saying it's "hard to keep bugs out of the food case," adding, "We clean it out every night, and the food from in there isn't allowed to be served to customers, obviously."

Others were shocked, with comments like, "I would run," and "I ain't going in there."

A different commenter said, "That would not pass the food safety standards."

Newsweek reached out to Starbucks and TikToker @hollywood.flix for comment.