Video Shows Amazon 18-Wheeler Hanging Off Interstate Highway Bridge

A video from traffic cameras captured an 18-wheeler Amazon trailer hanging off Interstate 35 in northeast San Antonio, Texas.

Footage reportedly showed authorities working to get the trailer down safely, according to KIIITV.

The incident unfolded on Thursday morning when the driver lost control of the truck hauling the Amazon trailer and swerved off on the southbound lanes of the I-35 near Weidner Road, according to San Antonio firefighters, ABC's affiliate KSAT-TV reported.

A San Antonio Fire Department spokesperson told Newsweek on Thursday that the Amazon truck then hung on the edge of the highway after it was struck by another 18-wheeler. The department didn't reveal further information about the other wheeler.

No information was revealed about why the Amazon truck driver lost control in the first place but he reportedly told authorities that he veered off the road to avoid crashing with other vehicles. This move caused the truck to fall several feet onto the access road while the trailer dangles on the edge, according to San Antonio radio station KTSA.

The vehicle was reportedly empty when the incident happened. The dangling trailer damaged the sidewall of the highway.

The San Antonio Fire Department spokesperson said that there were no injuries or other car crashes.

Meanwhile, a hazardous materials response crew was called to the scene to clean a fuel spill, according to authorities.

Newsweek contacted the San Antonio Police Department for comments but didn't hear back in time of publishing.

A number of highway incidents involving truck crashes have been reported recently. Earlier this month, a video that circulated on social media showed a car's front end pinned under a large semi-truck as it was dragged along an Illinois highway.

The half front of the car was stuck between the road and the truck's body. A driver in the car pinned under the truck stuck their hand out and waved. Police said no injuries happened.

The Illinois State Police Department told Newsweek that the car's driver was changing lanes before the vehicle was stuck under the truck.

 Amazon 18 Wheeler Hanging Off highway
Above, an Amazon Prime HGV Lorry drives out of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre on December 16, 2021 in Tilbury, England. Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images

Similarly, a semi-truck in November reportedly rolled on top of a car that was in front of it. A woman was driving the car across a bridge in Washington State and slowed down when the car in front of her also slowed, but the truck driver didn't stop in time and therefore crushed her car.

The woman was uninjured but reportedly suffered some pain in her ribcage and head. She climbed out of the car after the truck was lifted by a tow truck. Meanwhile, the driver of the semi-truck wasn't injured but received a citation for driving too closely behind the vehicle.

Over 5,000 large trucks in the U.S. were involved in fatal crashes in 2019, according to data by the National Safety Council. Large trucks made up 10 percent of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes, according to the organization, which defines a large truck as a medium or heavy truck that weighs over 10,000 pounds.

Update 12/23/21, 12:10 PM ET: with comments from the San Antonio Fire Department.